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Price was $37.00. I bought one of these for myself and one for my best friend. We both have chest crossing bags (mine is a timbuk2 messenger and he has a chrome messenger) and they work perfect for these. Easy to velcro on and off if you need to move it, take it with you, etc. The only issue i have is that it doesn't stay in one place - not a huge deal but definitely something someone might want to know when looking at this product. It has a slightly loose fit which makes it slide up and down my strap. If i have my bag strapped tightly to my chest (like when i'm riding my bike) it stays in place. If i have my bag loosely draped it will slide down to wherever it stops. It's got a nice lining that both makes me feel like my iphone is safe from bumps and bruises but also smooth and soft so it doesn't scratch it. I highly recommend it!

-S. Parker

Timbuk2 3 Way Accessory Bag Outdoor Recreation Sale 868

  • Reviews: Fits most popular smartphones and many mini cameras
  • Reviews: Stretch front pocket for headphones or accessories

timbuk2 3 way accessory bag: timbuk2 outdoor recreation sale features of the timbuk2 3way fits most popular smartphones and many mini cameras stretch

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Fits Most Popular Smartphones And Many Mini Cameras. Stretch Front Pocket For Headphones Or Accessories. Luxurious Faux Fur Lining Keeps Electronics Cozy And Clean Reviews Timbuk2 3 Way Accessory Bag.

Timbuk2 3 Way Accessory Bag Review (Timbuk2)

Timbuk2 3 Way Accessory Bag

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One Size
Timbuk2 3 Way Accessory Bag

Luggage Timbuk2 3 Way Accessory Bag 868 Bargain Sports Timbuk2, Timbuk2 3 Way Accessory Bag . features of the timbuk2 3way fits most popular smartphones and many mini cameras stretch front pocket for headphones or accessories luxurious faux fur lining keeps electronics cozy and clean Timbuk2 3 Way Accessory Bag Outdoor Recreation Sale 868.

Luggage 868: Timbuk2 3 Way Accessory Bag

I Recently Upgraded My Iphone 4 To An Iphone 5 When They Came Out. I Had Previously Used An Older Version Of This Case For My Phone Called The Timbuk2 2way. Glad To See Timbuk2 Made Some Improvements To This New Version Called The 3way! My Iphone 5 Is In An Otterbox Defender Case And It Fits Perfectly In The Medium Size 3way And Isn't Too Snug. It Has A Super Soft Fleece Interior Lining And I Love How I Can Attach It To The Strap Of My Timbuk2 Messenger Bag For Easy Access. The Extra Pocket In The Front Under The Velcro Flap Is Also Lined With The Super Soft Fleece And Can Be Used For Ids A Few $ Subway Pass Etc. Just To Note Also That When I Ordered The 3way I Also Picked Up A timbuk2 Shagg Accessory Bag to Consider As Well But I Opted To Stick With The 3way.

Click to see NoticeTimbuk2 3 Way Accessory Bag (Outdoor Recreation Sale)"The 3way Is A Perfect Item For Those That Are Looking To Hold On To Their Iphone4 While Using Their Timbuk2 Or Even On A Belt. The Inside Of The Case Is Extremely Soft And Plush To Make Sure Your Screen Is Protected And Cared For. I Ordered The Small And The Phone Fits Snugly With A Thin Case. The Top Flap Has A Opening To Allow Earbuds To Be Used While The 3way Flap Is Closed. Highly Recommended For Any Timbuk2 User!"

Timbuk2-3-way-accessory-bagTimbuk2 3 Way Accessory Bag (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

The Original Timbuk2 Messenger Improved By 25 Years Experience. Waterproof Tpu Liner And Flap Corner Construction For Excellent Weatherproofing. Internal Organizer For Pens Phones And Other Small Stuff. Fully Adjustable Shoulder Strap With A Permanent Super Comfortable Airmesh Strap Pad. Designed In San Francisco.

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger BagTimbuk2-116-6-2000-Parent-Classic-Messenger-Bag


Timbuk2-classic-messenger-bag-(116)Image of Timbuk2-classic-messenger-bag-(116)Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag Sporting Goods 116 6 2000 Parent
  • Plus: Coordinating Strap Pad included, Cross strap not compatible with XS messenger, Fully adjustable shoulder strap with a permanent, super comfortable airmesh strap pad
  • Plus: Internal organizer for pens, phones, and other small stuff, Internal water bottle pocket,
timbuk2 classic messenger bag: timbuk2 sporting goods the original timbuk2 messenger improved by 25 years experience. waterproof tpu liner and flap corner
Brand :    timbuk2
Color :    black
Size :    one size
Weight :    1.70 pounds
Model :    116-6-2000-Parent
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Outdoor Recreation Sale (Sports product review) for Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag available as-of ( Dec 2018 )
IpmortedCoordinating Strap Pad included, Cross strap not compatible with XS messenger, Fully adjustable shoulder strap with a permanent, super comfortable airmesh strap padPartially concealed flap buckles with bottom compression straps for subtle and secure closure (XS size does not have bottom compression), Waterproof TPU liner and Flap corners fold into place for excellent weatherproofingInternal organizer for pens, phones, and other small stuff, Internal water bottle pocket,Timbuk2 Double-Loop cam buckle enables easy fit adjustment while eliminating any excess webbing

Timbuk2 Shagg Bag Accessory Case, multi, Small

Zip It Up And Strap It On. The Strap-friendly Shagg Bag Gives You Easy Access To Little Things You Need On The Move.

Timbuk2 Shagg Bag Accessory Case, multi, SmallTimbuk2-Shagg-Accessory-multi-Small

Brand :    timbuk2
Color :    Diablo
Size :    Small
Weight :    0.13 pounds
Model :    880-2-6061
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Outdoor Recreation Sale (Sports product review) for Timbuk2 Shagg Bag Accessory Case, multi, Small available as-of ( Dec 2018 )
Secure zip pocket for earbuds, stylus, cards, and cashFaux fur lined front pockets keep your phone and igadgets safeThe Shagg Bag Accessory Case secures your phone and cards in a cozy zippered home

Timbuk2 3 Way Accessory Case

A Top-loading Cushy Hideaway Case For Smart-phones And Extras.

Timbuk2 3 Way Accessory CaseTimbuk2-3-Way-Accessory-Case

Timbuk2 3 Way Accessory Case (805) Review

This One Will Fit 6plus Barely. It's A Pita To Close. My Old One Which Is Probably 4 Or 5 Years Old Now Ripped Out At The Seam After A Wonderfully Long Life. I Wore It Every Day During That Time. I Was Able To Fit My 6+ And Work 5c And Close The Flap Perfectly. The New One They Both Fit But You Can't Close The Flap. :(. The Quality Is Great And I Expect It To Last Years Again. Probably Longer Because I Will Find Another Solution To Carrying 2 Phones.

Review from A. Cathy, Kentucky

Review from Y. Matherly, Iowa

It's A Nice Little Case And Perfect For My Needs. I Ordered The Medium And It Fits My Iphone 6 (with A Case) Perfectly. I Like The Extra Pocket In Front Because I Can Keep Cards Or Cash In It. The Only Issues I Have With It Are That It's Kind Of Expensive For What You Get And I Don't Like The Velcro That Much. It Would Feel Much More Secure With A Plastic Buckle. I May Add One In The Future.

Image of Timbuk2-3-way-accessory-case-(805)

First Off I Realize This Is A Well Known Highly Rated Brand And I Am Sure Most Of There Products Out There Are Good Quality But As Far As Phone Pouches Go I'd Say They Are Lacking In A Big Way. They Aren't Water Proof Which I Feel Is A Big Deal Considering What 9 Out Of 10 People Will Be Using This Product For. The Velcro Flap Has Two Slits On The Top So That Its Only Really Attached By A Few Threads As Well As Leaving Your Phone Open To The Element. Not To Mention The Sides Leaving Your Phone Open To The Elements As Well Because You Guessed It Holes There As Well. So Your Better Off Getting A Waterproof Durable Case With A Clip For Your Backpack Or Belt Then Wasting Any Money On This Product. Otherwise I Highly Recommend Chrome If They Ever Get Their Large Phone Pouch Back In Stock Or Trash Bags Reload Bags Vessel Workshop Who Will All Custom Make A Wonderfully Affordable Phone Pouch For You. But If Your Looking On Online Store For One I Can Honestly Say Your Out Of Luck.

Surprisingly This Is One Of The Few Products That I Have Seen That Has A Strap That Goes Vertically And Horizontally. Most Accessory Cases Like These Are Meant To Mounted Vertically Through Looks On A Backpack Or On A Belt. Pros: - Feels Heavy Duty. - Will Not Budge From Where Ever Its Strapped. I Have One Of These Strapped On My Backpack's Shoulder Strap And It Hasnt Moved Despite Being Constantly Used - Has An Extra Small Pocket Towards The Front. This Is Good If You Have Small Things Like Headphones. - Has Cut Out For Headphones Towards The Top If You Store Your Phone In It. Cons: -too Small For Some Of Todays Larger Phones. I Could Barely Fit My Lg G4 Into It. It's A Snug Fit And The Flap Barely Closes Over It.

V. Rose, Solihull

Brand :    timbuk2
Color :    Black
Size :    one size
Weight :    0.16 pounds
Model :    B00UC4JXB6 -P
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Outdoor Recreation Sale (Sports product review) for Timbuk2 3 Way Accessory Case available as-of ( Dec 2018 )
Super soft, scratch-proof, tricot linerNbHGnfmkrxwConvenient port for threading earbuds while in useFits iPhones, MP3 players, Blackberries, or small camerasStretch front pocket for headphones, cash, cards or accessories

Timbuk2 2-Way On-Strap Phone Holder

Attaches To Your Shoulder Strap Or Belt For Easy Access To Your Favorite Gadgets. Plush Lining Protects Devices From Scratches And Elastic Side Panels Insure A Snug Fit. Velcro Top Closure Secures Contents. Designed To Fit Various Igadgets Cameras And Similarly Sized Digital Devices.

Timbuk2 2-Way On-Strap Phone HolderTimbuk2-2-Way-On-Strap-Phone-Holder

Brand :    timbuk2
Size :    Small
Weight :    0.50 pounds
Model :    968
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Outdoor Recreation Sale (Apparel product review) for Timbuk2 2-Way On-Strap Phone Holder available as-of ( Dec 2018 )
Timbuk2 Quality GuaranteeBallistic nylon exteriorTop loading, perfect fit on a backpack strapWebbing Finger LoopDurable padded stretch lining

Timbuk2 Designs Shagg Bag Accessory Case 2014

Features Of The Timbuk2 Shagg Bag Fits Most Popular Smartphones And Many Mini Cameras Gusseted Front Compartment Fits Ear Buds Bluetooth Headsets Etc. Luxurious Faux Fur Lining Keeps Electronics Cozy And Clean

Timbuk2 Designs Shagg Bag Accessory Case 2014Timbuk2-Designs-Shagg-Accessory-Case

Timbuk2 Designs Shagg Bag Accessory Case 2014 (880) Review

I Was Looking For A Good Case To Hold My Iphone 6 That I Could Attach To My Backpack And To The Strap For My Exercise Mat. After Not Being Able To Find What I Was Looking For I Stumbled Upon This Case. This Case For The Bill Exactly. So Far It's Been Very Durable And Protects My Phone Perfectly. Highly Recommended.

Review from Q. Cortney, Quebec

Review from F. Isabel, Georgia

Great Quality Bag Main Zipper But Not Convenient As It Wraps Around Awkwardly.

Image of Timbuk2-designs-shagg-bag-accessory-case-2014-(880)

Timbuk2 Shagg Bag Accessory Case Black Medium. Fits My Iphone 6 Just Barely. I Only Have A Very Thin Case/skin On It Anything Thicker Probably Won't

Fits My Iphone 5s Perfectly In The Pouch & I Usually Slide A Couple Of Credit Cards & My Id In The Front Pocket. I Attached It To The Strap Of My Backpack Chest High And Use It When Riding The Train/bus Use The Backpack As My Carry-on At Airports And At Amusement Or Theme Parks. Perfect For Times When I Just Want Essentials And Don't Want To Keep Pulling A Wallet Out In Places Where I'd Probably Lose It

N. Carrie, North Dakota

Brand :    timbuk2
Color :    Black
Size :    one size
Weight :    0.30 pounds
Model :    880-2-2000-Parent
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Outdoor Recreation Sale (Sports product review) for Timbuk2 Designs Shagg Bag Accessory Case 2014 available as-of ( Dec 2018 )
Fits most popular smartphones and many mini camerasLuxurious faux fur lining keeps electronics cozy and cleanGusseted front compartment fits ear buds, bluetooth headsets, etc.
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The F.A.Q. for Timbuk2 3 Way Accessory Bag (Outdoor Recreation Sale)

If you want to work with your iphone outdoors and don't want to haul it in and out of a purse or pack, this is an excellent carrier. It securely attaches to your belt and stays closed through all kinds of movement. The velcro will eventually wear out, but mine has worked well for over 3 years. I replaced one for a friend after about the same length of time. This carrier is also washable, but i would not machine wash it. I hope they make this model for a long time.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: will the medium size fit a galaxy s5 comfortably?

(1) Question: will it fit the iphone 6 plus?

(2) Question: does the pouch include a port to run headphones through? if yes is it on the top or bottom of the pouch?

(3) Question: i just bought this.. and put it on my classical messener, but it doesn't stay in place.. is there no way to prevent it from sliding?

(4) Question: what are the dimensions of this product?

(5) Question: will this fit a galaxy s4 active with an otterbox defender case?

(6) Question: does this attach to backpacks?

(7) Question: which size should i pick for a samsung galaxy s4 with a snap on case?

(8) Question: will it fit a motorola droid max?

(9) Question: what are the outer dimensions of medium bag? thanks.

(note) Question: where/how to get Timbuk2 (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Timbuk2's products


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I Have An Iphone 4s And Used To Use An Otterbox Defender With It. An Iphone 4s With The Otterbox Defender Will Not Fit In This Product The Timbuk2 "accessory Bag" In Small. However At The Same Time That I Ordered The Timbuk2 Accessory Bag I Also Made A Switch In My Iphone Protection. I Now Use An Element Case Ion 4 And It Fits Well. Perfect Around The Width Of The Phone. A Little Tight Up Top But The Velcro Holds Fast Regardless. However If You Like Your Phone Protection Thick You'll Want To Go With The Accessory Bag In Large. Note: An Iphone With An Element Case Ion 4 Measures 4 3/4" X 2 5/8" X 1/2" (122mm X 66mm X 13mm).

Backpacking Packs 11045080201, Backpacks & Bags 1930043, Camping & Hiking 1730043, Hiking Daypacks 1740043, Outdoor Recreation 110418607, Sports & Outdoors 1525733Top Timbuk2 3 Way Accessory Bag (Outdoor Recreation Sale) FAQ Content

Best timbuk2 3 way accessory bag (outdoor recreation sale) in review

It's Made Very Sturdy. Does The Job Well If You're Using It On A Backpack Or Messenger Bag. I Do Not Like The Way The Belt Loop Is Made. The 3 Way Is Made To Mount Vertical Straps (backpack Or Messenger Bag) And Horizontal (belt). The Belt Loop Is On The Outside Of The Vertical Mount Which Is Velcro So It Is Possible For The Velcro To Open While It's Mounted On The Belt. It Should Have Been Designed With The Belt Loop Going Between The Pouch And Vertical Attachment Sort Of Like Chrome's Phone Pouch. However Chrome's Phone Pouch Is Smaller Than This. The Velcro For The Flap Also Should Have Been Bigger To Allow Better Positioning. I Bought This Thinking That It May Fit My Iphone 5 In Its Otterbox Defender Case. It Fits But Skin Tight And A Little Difficult To Take Out To Answer A Call. But It Fits. So Far The Only One That I've Found That Fits An Iphone 5 And A Heavy Duty Case.

K. Arnett, Salford

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  • Spotlight: Large main compartment for books, jacket, and other carry-on essentials
  • Spotlight: Waterproof rolltop plus incognito back zip access
timbuk2 spire backpack: timbuk2 outdoor recreation sale waterproof rolltop plus incognito back zip access. large main compartment for books jacket and Timbuk2 Spire Backpack
Or you might like to consider Granite Gear Pack Harness Pockets Outdoor Recreation Sale
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granite gear pack harness pockets: granite gear outdoor recreation sale granite gear pack pockets for belts or shoulder straps fit most packs. granite Granite Gear Pack Harness Pockets (Outdoor Recreation

O. Sheila, Havering says

Great item, for an otherwise underrated feature. Not all my backpacks have a strap pouch/pocket, except for my one sports backpack but that pocket is way too small to hold anything bigger than a handful of change. I've always wondered what exactly they were for. Since i got my job in the city i've had to commute more often than i'd like. This means having to keep my phone and transit card at the ready for keeping busy and daily visits to the check-ins. This pouch holds both together comfortably and securely. I don't have a monster-sized phone (like a note or the new nexus), so i can't say for sure those will fit in the larger pocket, but the material seems stretchy enough to accomodate. There is a large area for the velcro wrap-around strap so it should fit most standard-sized straps, even with padding. Useful item, and i don't have to lose mobility by shoving the phone in my pockets nor do i have to fumble around for smaller items that i need ready at any time.

Y. Harrison, Ohio

I Was Really Glad I Got The Medium Sized Bag Because Anything Smaller Wouldn't Fit My Phone. I Have The Huge Droid X Fyi. I Use The Front Little Pocket For My School Id--we Need It For Everything So I Used To Lose It All The Time. Not Anymore! Also I Wear The Bag Lower Down Because I Like To Use The Side Strap On My Timbuk2 Bag For Biking; Unlike The Model I'm A Little More Full-chested. It's Comfortable Either Way But I Prefer It Lower. Pros: Good Size: Not Huge And Awkward Super Easy Access Great For Commuting By Bike Don't Have To Dig In The Bag For My Phone And Id! Attaches Securely Cons: No Space For Anything Else (maybe A Little Bit Of Money Or A Cc But Nothing Else) Open Sides Make It Potentially Permeable To Rain Unlike The Larger Messenger Bag Overall I Enjoy The Bag And Find It Very Useful. My Dream Bag Would Have A Spot For All My Easy Access Needs (phone Keys Id Cc) But I Guess I Have To Take What I Can Get!

H. Laura, Rhone-Alpes says

This is an awesome product. I've searched long and far for a good belt-mounted pouch to carry my new galaxy s3 in an otterbox commuter case, which is not the thinnest case around. I'm a farmer who is rough on things, so a good belt case that holds the device securely is key. The bonus is that i can strap this to my overalls when i'm not wearing pants/belt combinations. . The fit is snug, but not too snug. I'd say it would be fairly comfortable without a case or with the flip-cover. Since this has multiple methods of attaching to many different items, it might also work well on a purse or shoulder bag. If you use a messenger-style bag or a backpack, this should also be nice. . I highly recommend this item.

M. Mahood, South Gloucestershire

I have read everyone's review and it was helpful. But i have to go a lil further. First off if apple designed an iphone carrying case, it would look and feel just like this. Everything on this case is perfect. My iphone fits perfectly in this thing with or without the hard shell. The lid shuts perfectly with the velcro as a tight gate keeper. I use the belt loop and it feels like its barely there. I'm saying goodbye to all my other carrying cases and hello timbuk2!

A. Carol, Enfield says

This is exactly what i was expecting. It is perfect for placing my iphone so i can listen to my music while riding my bike. It is a snug fit because of the case i have on my phone but it still works and there is an extra pocket to hold my earphones when i am not using them. I have yet to purchase a timbuk2 product that i did not absolutely love.

W. Denise, Oklahoma

This has been a really good case for the note ii. Loses a star as it is not always the easiest case to get the phone out of when answering calls, but does the job of holding the phone well. The ability to attach the case to bag straps or a belt is appreciated when riding to work.

L. Yvette, Virginia says

I have 2 of these for iphone6 with a protective case. Nice snug fit - damn near the perfect size for a holster for my smart phone. Fur or felt lined inside protects the phone while removing it/returning it. Small pocket in front of the large phone compartment has room for a money clip but not much more. Perfect if you are looking for a non bulky decent looking holster. Not a velcro fan but i can't argue with something that seems durable and just plain works. I've tried a couple of other options already and this is the best of the lot for price better than most. This goes vertical or horizontal - fits on a belt or shoulder strap. No worries about phone slipping out. Simple, effective - it's a buy.

G. Dorine, Kentucky

I've Had Previous Good Experience With Timbuk2 Products Notably A Case I Use For My Kindle. I Have A Motorola Droid Razr Maxx Which Is About 5. 1 X 2. 7 X . 4 Inches. I'm A Geek I Guess But I Like To Wear My Phone On My Belt To Protect It For Ease Of Access And So I Can Hear It. I Don't Like Keeping It In A Pocket. I've Used Some Night Ize Cases But The Plastic Clips Have A Habit Of Breaking. I Tried A Small Of This Product At A Local Store But It Was Too Small To Close On My Phone So I Ordered This One. This One Is About An Inch Too Long For My Phone. In Addition The Belt Loop Is Set In The Middle Of The Case Instead Of At The Top So That The Case Sticks Up About Two Inches Above Belt Line. I'm Not Going To Bother Returning It And May See If I Can Modify It To Better Suit My Needs. The Case Itself Is Well Made As One Would Excect From Timbuk2 And I Like The Plush Lining Which Protects The Phone And Wipes It Clean. If Timbuk2 Would Make A Case Sized In Between Their Small And Medium Of This Product And Set The Belt Loop In The Right Place I'd Like Such A Product Much Better.

A. Carrie, Mississippi says

I Had The Small Size For My Iphone 4 But My Iphone 5 Was Too Tall. There Is Plenty Of Room For The Iphone 5 With A Slim Case (dixtronic) In The Medium Size. I Even Think That With A Battery Case The 5 Will Still Fit. I Use The Case Attached To The Strap Of My Camelback While Mountain Biking. It Attaches Easily And Provides Great Protection For My Phone.

R. Isabel, Dorset

Perfect for my samsung galaxy s5. Soft fuzzy inside to protect screen from any scratching. Fits extremely snug with otterbox case. Only thing is i wish it came with different size velcro attachments since my backpack traps are on the thinner side. But holds on strong and i have no fear of it ever coming off as i tear through the streets of san fran on my bike.

Z. Susana, Coventry says

As Always Timbuk2 Gear Is Well Made With Quality Materials. I Got This Case When I Upgraded To An Iphone 5 And My Existing Pouch Was A Super Tight Fit. The Iphone 5 Easily Fits In The Medium Pouch Even With A Case (i Use The Speck Candy). I Was Also Glad To See They Put The Soft Side Of The Velcro On The Flap So There Is No Chance The Rougher Hook Side Scratching The Phone Or Case. It Integrates Perfectly With Their Messenger Bags And With The Entire Back Acting As The Securing Strap There Is No Way This Is Coming Off By Accident. Not Sure You Could Ask For Much More To Be Honest. Its Well Made Integrates Well With Their Bags Feels Sturdy Has A Nice Clean Look And Is Built To Last.

M. Melissa, Shropshire

I Had Originally Bought The Timbuk2 Shagg Accessory Bag For My Google Galaxy Nexus But It Was Way Too Small. Saw This 3 Way Bag And It Fit Perfectly. Even Has A Smaller Front Pouch For A Cable Or Earphones. Great For Travel Or On The Job. Will Use Again A++++++++

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