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Price was $449.00. Excellent functionality and battery life. My only wish is that it was a little less clunky for everyday wear & asthetics.

-U. Hayward

V800 Gps Sports V800 Helps You Reach Your Peak When It You Need It Most. It Integrates Gps And 24/7 Activity Data For Accurate Training And Recovery Data. It Has A Large, Scratch-resistant Gorilla -Polar V800 Gps Sports Watch

  1. Attribute: Heart Rate And Gps-enabled Multisport Training Device For Triathletes, Runners And Endurance Athletes.
  2. Attribute: Combines Training Load With 24/7 Activity Data For True Recovery Status; Tracks Route; Distance; Speed/pace And Altitude (via Barometric Altimeter).

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It looks like polar is finally finding its way back to this segment. In the past years i have used many polar units but honestly i totally abandoned them after my last one rs800cx gave me all sorts of headaches. After that i tried the garmin 910xt which is a nice product but full of bugs as usual for a garmin product and not as developed as polar products in terms of hrv records and analysis. . The new polar v800 has great potential to take this market again but its still early to say whether they will develop the product nicely or if they will leave it half-baked as most of the garmin products. . It is a shame that many companies nowadays are releasing products without finishing them or even correcting some silly flaws, like garmin is doing with the edge series, they are even releasing new models leaving behind a pile of bugs and flaws from previous models. I am really expecting polar to have a different mentality this time with the v800. . Things i really like:. . 1. Quality built. 2. Gorilla glass. 3. Screen definition and clarity (by far the best in the market). 4. Polar tests (orthostatic, jump, fitness, r-r ). 5. Independent timer/chronograph (looks basic but most previous models didn t have). 6. Hrm works in water (only with polar h7 but it works). 7. Activity tracker + recovery status (my favorite feature, just make sure you set correctly your training background in physical settings otherwise this will work inaccurately). 8. Back-light is perfect. 9. Vibration alerts. 10. Watch faces are clean and nice (analog watch, big numbers, regular). 11. Bluetooth smart to connect most smart sensors in the market. 12. The charging cable is sleek and if you don t use the band too tight you can even charge/upload activity to your pc without removing the watch from the wrist. 13. Heart-touch feature is back and tap features is also very useful when running or cycling and you can configure to back-light or change pages. . Things i don t like:. . 1. Silicon band is not practical, you have to pass the band twice in the clasp and then the final ring is too short and the band doesn t go in easily, makes a very simple thing a pain. It sounds silly but it really sucks when i have to put it in and out the bike/wrist on my every day commute morning and evening i have to do this at least 4-6 times a day. 2. No proper bike mount or quick release style mount for the same reason above. 3. Connectivity with android phone still doesn t exist. 4. Flow app for android is delayed and everything has to be moved to pc by cable. 6. Activity tracker doesn t show the interesting data you want to see, steps count, km walked or split calorie just a progress bar not really motivating. 7. Hrv data cannot be used with 3rd party sensors like wahoo or viiiiva although these can provide hrv signal, the v800 cannot read, so you are trapped to polar h7 only if you want to make use of recovery status and all polar tests using the hrm strap. 8. Speed and cadence sensor from polar are expensive and disposable, you cannot replace battery so buy a combo from a 3rd party. . Things it should do:. . 1. Live tracking (the hardware is capable). 2. Sms and call info when connected to your phone (hardware is capable and there is no rocket science here). 3. Training plan on the watch or from flow app, so far nothing. 4. Targets/achievements. 5. Pre-defined workouts and manual workout. . Overall i am happy with the product and believing polar will listen to the customers expectation and act within the possibilities to add some features which can make this watch a real winner. Best v800 gps sports | Polar Heart Rate Monitors-Consumer Electronics Review as-of ( Dec 2018 ) Attribute Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch Wristband size : 9 " . note - measurements taken from the last hole to the end of rubber next to buckle (not from end to end).. Heart rate and gps-enabled multisport training device for triathletes, runners and endurance athletes. Combines training load with 24/7 activity data for true recovery status; tracks route; distance; speed/pace and altitude (via barometric altimeter). 14 hour rechargeable battery life in training mode, 50h in gps low power mode; scratch-resistant gorilla glass lens, waterproof to 100 ft.. Syncs to polar flow app and web service where you can plan and analyze your training; compatible with bluetooth smart running and cycling sensors. Includes h7 bluetooth smart heart rate sensor for accurate heart rate while training and even while swimming. Note: refer user manual for trouble shooting steps. .

Polar v800 gps sports watch Review (90050554)

I have been using it for less than a month so far and only for training. It is really a very good tool to monitor not only the training load but also the diary activity. Gps quality and precision is incredible (depending on the area it might take 2 minutes to be ready). Other thing that surprise me is the battery duration. Usually it takes the time you sync the activity and analyze the results to full charge it if you sync the watch twice a week. -L. Lorenz

Polar V800 Gps Sports Watch

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Brand: Polar
  3. Manufacturer: Polar Heart Rate Monitors
  4. Model: 90050554-P
  5. MPN: 90050554
  6. Quantity: 1
  7. Part/Serial Number: 90050554
  8. Type: Sports

v800 gps sports Sports, V800 helps you reach your peak when it you need it most. it integrates gps and 24/7 activity data for accurate training and recovery data. it has a large, scratch-resistant gorilla glass lens with a high-contrast, black and white display that's optimized for low-light conditions. with unique training features, real-time multisport guidance and in-depth training insights, the v800 is the ultimate choice for the most ambitious triathletes. key features include: integrated gps for speed, distance and route tracking, 14 hour rechargeable battery life, altitude, ascent and descent with the barometric altimeter. also has customizable profiles for multiple sports and seamlessly changes between sports - recording full performance, including transition times. syncs your workouts to the polar flow app and web service where you can plan and analyze your training. waterproof to 100ft (30m) and suitable for swimming. includes h7 bluetooth smart heart rate sensor for accurate heart rate while training and even while swimming. Polar V800 Gps Sports Watch (90050554-P-Polar).

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It is a powerful watch multisport. The battery is durable and the accuracy of the gps and monitor heart is amazing. The only weakness that i can see is that it develop some complication along the time with the cable transfer data, i think that the pin conection is delicate, and the strap band of mh is very delicate too, but the sync by blootooth with the smartphone is the best.

Polar V800 Gps Sports Watch
Click to see NoticePolar V800 Gps Sports Watch (90050554)"Great triathlon watch! previously used the garmin fenix 2 and i think this watch is better in every way. Garmin might be better for hikers and for other outdoor adventures, but this is a great tri watch and activity tracker. Gets a fix on satellites very quickly. Easier to use and read than the garmin. I find the controls and website more intuitive. Heart monitor works great, although i don't find it very effective in the pool. The strap slides down whenever i push off the wall, even if pushing gently, and it often loses the connection. After only a month or so it doesn't seem to connect under water at all. Might be a weak battery. They recently added android notifications and that works reasonably well. All in all, i highly recommend it."

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Polar Bluetooth Stride Sensor

Works great, reasonably accurate. . My only complaint is the size. It's larger than some others, but if you're using polar gear, kind-of the only way to go. Being that it's bt smart, if i switch back to garmin, i'll have to find an ant+ footpod.

The polar bluetooth stride sensor helps to improve your running technique by displaying running speed and distance, monitors changes in your performance, and also helps to improve technique. The sensor is water and shock resistant, enabling use in a variety of conditions. Designed to work well with: pol176 - polar v800 heart rate monitor watch

Polar Bluetooth Stride SensorPolar-Bluetooth-Stride-Sensor

Polar Bluetooth Stride Sensor (Sporting Goods) FAQ.

Love this thing! ultra fast shipping from seller. Product was as described. I bought in mid august 2014, it is now february 2015. Haven't changed the battery yet on my stride sensor yet. I average 50 to 100 miles a month running. Great buy. Great seller. -Notice from E. June, New York

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Digifit immediately found it on iphone 4s and iphone 5. When used on treadmill, distance accurate to within 1%. . Not a subtle addition to one's shoes but it's lightweight and presence not noticeable during workout. . Does require unlacing and lacing shoe to install. Really secure once on, an asset. Not easily moved among shoes, though. Could purchase separate mounting bases for other pairs of shoes at about $10 a pop.

Polar-bluetooth-stride-sensor-(sporting-goods) set picture

- Q. PalmerGot this for treadmill runs. Wahoo fitness will recognize this sensor, but there is a glitch where it'll stop recording when you start a run. As of 26-june, tech support said they'll have a fix in the next release. Works well with the polar app, but needed to be calibrated. . I've heard a few people say this sensor is big and bulky. This is my first foot pod, so i have no basis for comparison, but its not big enough for me to feel when running or be a bother. . I wish there was an easier way to take the sensor off instead of unlacing your shoes, but i'll live. . Now i'm fully ble for my run/bike gear, woohoo! . . Update 26-oct; . . Wahoo officially added support for this sensor in their latest app release. I did a few calibration runs this past week. The app tracks distance well once calibrated. However, the pace is all over the place - i think the data used is too noisy, hopefully they can get this corrected. I think its just the way wahoo is looking at the data and not a function of the sensor itself, so still a 5 star product. . Otherwise, great support for this cool little sensor just in time for the treadmill season!

Great product, accurate bought together with polar m400. Use laces to tie up to shoes. Would not recommend running in the mud or deep water with this. Delivery was timely. Fairly easy to operate.

I. Weber, Saskatchewan

Brand :    polar
Color :    Black
  • Polar running index - monitors changes in your running performance.
  • Shock and water-resistant - to handle even the most demanding runs.
  • Compatible with dozens of leading fitness apps, including polar beat
  • Displays running cadence and stride length - helps to improve your running technique.
  • Measures each stride - to show your running speed and distance.
Price :    —
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Polar Bluetooth Stride Sensor available as-of ( Dec 2018 )

Polar 91047327 Speed Cadence Sensor Bluetooth Smart Set

Boost your cycling performance with polar bluetooth smart cadence and speed sensors. Find out what your most efficient pedaling rate is and measure your speed and distance accurately. The sensors included in this set work with bluetooth smart technology and consume only a little energy. Light yet tough, and easy to attach. Compatible with polar v800 , polar v650, popular cycling apps, the iphone 4s and later and select android devices using android 4. 3 or later

Polar 91047327 Speed Cadence Sensor Bluetooth Smart SetPolar-91047327-Cadence-Sensor-Bluetooth

Brand :    polar
Color :    Black
Size :    talla_única
Weight :    0..09 pounds
Model :    91053154
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 3-4 business days
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Polar 91047327 Speed Cadence Sensor Bluetooth Smart Set available as-of ( Dec 2018 )
Price :    $109.27
  • Compatible with polar v800 , polar v650, popular cycling apps, the iphone 4s and later and select android devices using android 4. 3 or later
  • Speed sensor accurately measures your cycling speed and distance. cadence sensor measures the real-time and average pedaling rate of your ride.
  • Small and light design with firm bike attachment. uses bluetooth low energy wireless technology.
  • Improves your cycling technique and performance
  • Set includes one polar bluetooth smart speed sensor and one polar bluetooth smart cadence sensor

Polar 91053166 V800 Cable

With this usb cable you can charge your polar v800 and sync your activity and training data with the polar flow web service.

Polar 91053166 V800 CablePolar-91053166-V800-Cable

POLAR 91053166 V800 CABLE Reviews
Brand :    polar
Model :    91053166
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Sync your activity and training data with your device
  • Use the polar flow web service to analyze your data
  • Wristband size : 9 " . note - measurements taken from the last hole to the end of rubber next to buckle (not from end to end).
  • Charge your polar v800 with this usb cable
Price :    $29.76
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (polar product review) for Polar 91053166 V800 Cable available as-of ( Dec 2018 )

Polar Universal Bike Mount For Wrist Unit

A polar wireless sensor measuring cycling speed and distance via magnet(included) rotating on the front wheel. Includes bar mount. Also called a second bike kit.

Polar Universal Bike Mount For Wrist UnitPolar-Universal-Bike-Mount-Wrist

Brand :    polar
Model :    91027518
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (polar product review) for Polar Universal Bike Mount For Wrist Unit available as-of ( Dec 2018 )

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I'm a watch guy. Have a nice little collection. Rolex, omega, gavox, breitling, hamilton and others. Digital and quartz watches are pretty much banned from my wrist except for a beater timex i use for outings and adventures that run the risk of loss or damage to one of my watches. So the idea of a sports watch was not something i enjoyed considering, but knew it was a tool i needed for marathon and tri training. . I watched the keynote on the apple watch with great interest and really liked the watch, but it fell short in a couple areas that just were a deal breaker to incorporate it as a training device. So i purchased the v800 as it appeared to have virtually everything i wanted in a straight forward package. And not being very technical, it seemed like it would be easy enough to use as i intended too. So onto the review. Which will be pretty basic and straight forward. . 1) i absolutely love it as a watch. This shocked me. I did not expect to actually like it as a watch and wear it as one in daily life. I bought it to be a training tool and a training tool only. I figured it would go on, do its thing, then come off. But it has made itself at home on my wrist in the daily wear rotation. It looks good and it feels good. . 2) it is very simple to use and intuitive even. The polar flow website makes customization quick and easy. And the variety of activities you can program it to track and report on are expansive. . 3) gps, for me so far has locked on very quickly. But i haven't tried to use it out on the trails for hiking or trail running yet. So can't speak to its speed under heavy tree canopy. . 4) syncing to your computer is quick and simple and the reports it generates are pretty solid and full of useful information. I am interested in seeing how it charts and reports on progress after a couple hundred activities have been entered. . 5) heart rate monitor syncs pretty quick and you only have to do it once. And it tracks how long you are in each of the "zones". . My bottom line, as a non-tech person but an athlete who craves information and data about training sessions, progress, and personal performance tracking, the v800 is all i could ask for and more. And i am sure those who are tech savvy will really be able to put this thing to use and get more out of it than they could have hoped for. . If you got the $ for it, and lets be honest, $450-$500 for a watch, no matter its purpose, can be very hard for some to justify in their budget, buy the v800. And if you do not have the money and are thinking of another watch, wait a bit and save the few extra bucks. You will be happy you did.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: In normal use, (non gps or training modes) how long does the battery last? can it be used as a typical everyday watch? or must it be recharged daily?

(1) Question: What's the substantive difference between this and the polar m400? i'm looking for something for mostly jogging, and activity/sleep tracking.

(2) Question: Is your "tap" function working properly? because mine only works sometimes, but mostly it doesn't

(3) Question: If, while running outdoors, i use the v800 with the bluetooth stride sensor for stride length/cadence, does that override gps pace and distance data?

(4) Question: Sleep quality is it done through heart rate? or just movement detection? i had a fitbit and i hated the guts out of its ridiculous movement detection

(5) Question: Can you turn off the gps when its not needed (e. g. , stationary bike vs. outdoor cycling, walking indoor track vs. outdoor track)?

(6) Question: Does this watch have a music controller? if not, is there any possibility it eventually would?

(7) Question: Do you need to have a smart phone in order to use this polar 800?

(note) Question: where/how to get Polar (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Polar's products


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Happy with this item. It is like wearing a laboratory on your wrist and was worth the price. I trained for a half ironman using this watch and in combination with the polar website and app, found that the data mining provided was useful. I used various sport profiles including: open water swimming, pool swimming, track running, road running, weight lifting, treadmill running, road running and triathlon. The ability to customize the views is amazing and simple. You can stack the various screens that you set up on the web then sync to the device. While you are running or cycling for example, you can tap the watch to "scroll" through the screens / data you set up. So for running, i might want to see pace, duration, set laps, heart rate and heart rate "pointer" which says which heart rate zone i'm currently in so i can train properly. For cycling, i use the watch to display items such as speed, distance/duration, average speed, etc. While some of this is redundant with my cyclocomputer, i like having the redundancy in the event the computer blows up. The strap that holds the bluetooth sensor had been chafing me for the first couple weeks of wearing it but that subsided. I though it might have been the design of the strap itself and polar instantly sent me a new one. Never had a problem except if it gets extremely wet, such as on race day.

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Best polar v800 gps sports watch (90050554) in review

I highly recommend this gps watch. After much research i went with the polar v800 because of the multi sport functionality, chest strap heart rate monitor, ease of use, and great price. . I didn't want something that i would only use on my runs or hikes. I wear this all day, it has swimming and biking funtionality though i have yet to try them out. . I wanted the reliability of a chest strap heart rate monitor versus the wrist based monitoring that can be inaccurate due to light or movement. Very happy with having this information on the spot. . The app and website are extremely intuitive and easy to use. You can customize the sport profiles and what the face displays for each profile. It has auto stop/start which is great when running in the city. I'm not going to list all the features you can go to the polar website and read them there. . The battery life is extroidinary as well. I charge and sync mine once a week and could probably make it two weeks. It can accept push notifications from you phone so you can see calls and texts on your wrist if that's your thing. I tested it out and it works great but it's not something i need or use and that helps with battery life. Polar says at full charge you can get 14 hours of gps use out of it; i haven't tested this out but i generally put about 4-5 horse of gps work in a week and between that and regular usage it hasn't dropped below 50%. . Finally, you can't beat the price. Online store had the lowest price plus free prime shipping and the price of this watch to comparable models was also significantly less.

Y. Valdez, Alaska

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B. Lynette, Rhode Island says

Great watch. Now supports ios notifications (see attached image). Battery lasts up to a month. Lasts up to two weeks on a single charge when it's set up to show notifications. Notifications have the title, a small icon in the right and the notification text. For instance a text message show the sender's name as the title, the icon is a chat bubble (see attached image) and the text would be the text from the notification.

S. Nellie, Trafford

This watch is incredible it does so much so well couldn't be better. I bought and returned three gps and smarteatched before i just bought this one the apps and computer program is so detailed

N. Bertie, York says

I don't usually take time to write reviews (maybe 1% of purchases), but i like this training computer and activity tracker. I'm the type that switches brands (polar, garmin, and suunto) every 12-18 months trying to find the "perfect" tool for my marathon and ultra-marathon lifestyle, and i think i've found one that i'm happy with. . Pros:. - it's fairly small - almost men's regular watch size (a little larger). It feels like a watch - not like a shackle. - it's fairly light weight. - the gorilla glass face is tough. - the band is softer and more comfortable - about as nice as the suunto ambit3 sapphire. - it's fairly easy to navigate the functions. - the gps picks up a signal rather quickly. - the battery seems to last. I haven't run in excess of a marathon with it yet, but, on regular gps mode (not power save), i think i could run for at least 12 hours (my 50 mile time frame). I'm confident that in low power i could complete a 100 miler. The battery also charges fast. . Cons (sort of/maybe):. - the polar flow software is new and a pretty large paradigm shift in logic. It took me a while to get used to it, and i think polar is still working on its functionality. - i can't find the "race pace" feature that i loved about the rcx5, but i haven't called polar to ask about it yet either. It may still be there. . Anyway. I recommend this product!

I. Mathis, Tameside

It takes a little getting used to. I still haven't figured out all of the functions. It'll take a while - but - so far, so good. Also, i bought this used. I was a little leery at first but it seems to be working out. No problems along those lines.

G. Edith, Hawaii says

I love this watch, it out performs my expectations. I only give my rating 4 stars because of the charging/data cable, it's a proprietary connector that is a profit center for polar at $30 us using basic usb protocols that can be a pain to get a good connection with! . But otherwise it's very cool, the gps and altimeter give very granular mapping. But the best thing is the configuarability of the screens and activities. And oh one surprise is when swimming it counts the laps giving line item details for each lap to include differentiating the different strokes, imagine my surprise to see that the watch knows when i'm swimming free, back or breast strokes, then the polar flow app provides detailed reports for each lap. Too bad they screwed up the data cable!

R. Yvette, Somerset

Good watch - i did not use the gps mode so the first charge it lasted 40 days. 40 days on one charge - pretty amazing, ha! . Overall it could be five stars but unlike other competitor watches it measures the heart only with the strap. It would really be more convenient if they could make it measure it while on hand like fitbit

G. Kimberly, West Berkshire says

Great watch with great looks. The activity tracker is a really nice feature but sometimes has trouble syncing withe android app (moto x ), however this is a minor nuisance as it does get eventually get synced if you retry. So far polar is the only company that can measure your bpm underwater. I use this for my swimming training and it works great. A word of caution though: the heart sensor strap will definitely get out of place while you swimm, i hope polar can do something to help with this. Overall a great watch that also looks nice to wear every day.

O. Elizabeth, Isle of Wight

I've been training with polar watches with good results for about 30 years and this so far seems to be the best one. It appears to be more waterproof than others i've had which is good since i sweat a lot. The display is customizable and the information displayed can been changed by just tapping the screen. With the amount of data this thing collects and displays that's important. . The transmitter batteries are changeable which is another big plus. I suppose one could change out the rechargeable watch battery but i think i'd leave the that to polar to maintain the integrity of the seal. . The supporting software is a work in progress and seems pretty good. The biggest problem is that it requires an internet connection and that may not always be available on a long adventure. I'd prefer the ability to download the data to a pc for analysis or at least for later transfer to the internet. . The polar support via email is slow but they do answer their phones if you are in a hurry. If you're persistent and have a reasonable question they will escalate your question up to highly qualified people. I doubt you'll find a heart watch vendor with more knowledge of heart rate training than polar.

X. Ophelia, Idaho says

Let me just say this i am in love with my polar v800! i started with a surge fitbit and yes they offer a great support community, however if you are looking to do more than just counting steps and calories this is whay you need! . It is awasomen tracks just about everything and now i am learning about the different heart rate zones.

W. Candy, Southampton

After catching the triathlon bug, i have been researching for my perfect watch to track my training and to improve my capability. I'm not a pro by any stretch though polar v800 fitness test classified me as "elite". I've used garmin forerunner 910xt gps-enabled sport watch, garmin swim watch with garmin connect and tomtom multi-sport gps watch with heart rate monitor. Most recently, i've also bought the garmin forerunner 920xt white/red watch with hrm-run. . I have used tomtom multisports extensively for more than a year (and written in-depth about this product along its arduous firmware updates), i'm ready to upgrade to something more sophisticated. I bought this through online store, and received this watch on dec 2, 2014. . Love it! :. - watch's overall appearance and aesthetics. - rugged solid feel of the watch. - ease of new device pairing. - fast gps pickup. - accuracy of pool swim. - web app. . So-so:. - overall comfort. - smartphone app. - slower for hrm to connect while in water. . Dislikes:. - screen customization for each sports cannot be set on watch (only via web). - training targets cannot be set on watch (only via web application). - many features are still not out yet (e. G. Open water swim). - having to access certain features by "long press". - hrm flipping when i turn, and frequent drop signals along swim. . More details below:. . 1. Looks: 4/5. I got the blue/red which i thought looks sleek and eye catching. I like to use it as a daily watch and since i work at the office, a large watch like 920xt seems looks weird. I didn't give 5/5 because it's a little too thick. Get's caught with the long sleeve of my shirt, and depends on your wet suit, having it under may be very tight. . 2. Comfort: 3/5. I have small wrist and an on slim/athletic side. The metal loop on the strap bites to my skin more than rest of the strap. For long distance run, swim, this is quite important. While it's about 81g, it doesn't feel very heavy during swim or run. . 3. Device pairing 4/5: heart rate monitor, speed cadence monitor pair within 10 seconds on first connection. Subsequent connections was generally quite fast. But i did have some issue waiting trying to pair the hrm when i get into the water for swim (more later). . 4. Watch firmware: 2/5:. I'm not impressed by the interface and usability. . A. The metrics for each sport profile (swim/bike/run etc) cannot be set on the watch. You need to connect to the flow web application and sync with your watch. If you forgot to bring charger or your phone, you cannot change it. . B. Due to only 5 buttons, you have to remember what the "long press" of each button means. For my first swim, i could not find any menu to change the pool length and unit (yard/meters). I came back and found on the user manual that you have to long press the light button at the pre-start menu of pool swim. :(. . 5. Desktop/web application: 4/5. There's a wide variety of sports profile including strength training, skiing, pool swim, swim, cycling, triathlon etc. The drag and drop is useful, and the info you entered on watch gets fed into the web application and vice versa with no hassle. . 6. Smartphone app: 3/5. It doesn't have the ability to customize metrics or add sports profile. It's predominantly to show you your activity tracker results. Note that you can't see your activity tracking until you sync with your phone or web application. Once done, you see how active you are over the last 24hr in a format of a ring, which i find useful. . 7. Swim: 4/5. I wear it together with my garmin swim, and both of them recorded exact number of lengths on a 25m pool today. The main reason i gave 4/5 is due to its accuracy. But i'm disappointed by the hrm which is suppose to be the key differentiator of this watch from its competition (garmin 920xt). It's not very practical. Despite having the strap very tight on my body, the push off often resulted the strap to move/roll on my body resulting in some drop signals during the swim. . A. Accuracy: spot on! it was 39 lengths or 975m. This is exactly as i counted manually and as recorded by my garmin swim. . B. Hrm: this is the only watch that can track heart rate while you swim. Great in theory but no good in practice. I kept it tight, but it still flips/moves at every turn. When i saw the results, there were many signal drops throughout the whole swim. Connecting the hrm in water also took like a minute. Too long! . . 8. Run 4/5: gps lock is very fast (within 10s) and accuracy is superb! i tried doing a u-turn on a street by crossing it and coming back on the other side of the road. And you can literally see that clearly on the map. I also tried running same direction, and moving from one side or road to another and it captures that without problem. In areas with shady trees that is a problem for iphone, i didn't have any issue with this watch. I didn't give a full 5/5 because it doesn't provide any run metrics like garmin 920xt. . 9. Activity tracker - pls note that the results of steps/sleep etc can only be viewed online or via the iphone app. This to me is quite disappointing. The pedometer is reasonable, and the sleep is very simple. It doesn't give any details on how much you've tossed/turn etc during sleep unlike most of the fitbits/jawbone etc. . I have recently bought the garmin forerunner 920xt white/red watch with hrm-run. And you can also read my review and detailed comparison there. . Overall, this is a very well-built watch, looks sharp and very capable. Measurements of gps location, swim, bike and run are generally very accurate. However the need to constantly sync with the pc in order to change screen setup, add sports profile are big limitations on this watch. Also, the lack of ability to see your activity tracking on watch unless you sync with smartphone is also a dislike. Compared to the similarlly priced 920xt, i feel the v800 feel short of the competition. . If this review is helpful and just click below, and i can continue to update. And ask me questions through "comments" so i can further improve this review.

Z. Susana, Corse says

But i hate the learning curve. Its taking me a week to get it set up the way i want and i still can't figure out how to get alarms set when heart rate zone changes. Back down the rabbit hole i go. I'll leave crumbs.

F. Anonymous, Luton

I really enjoy this watch. It is comfortable to wear, has enough data to help me track my progress, and the polar flow website is pretty good as well. You can keep track of your fitness goal throughout the day via the bar on the bottom of the watch screen, and get notifications if you've been sitting too long which is helpful. I won't rehash all of the features but there are plenty of them and most of us will be fine with the amount of data available. . My one major complaint is that when i try to sync the watch to my computer, the attachment that plugs into the watch doesn't always register so several tries are required. In addition, it charges the watch at the same time and polar suggests letting the watch battery run down before charging it but that isn't possible unless you disconnect the watch right away after the data is done syncing. . I have found the hear rate monitor to be very accurate and you can test yourself over time to see how your overall heart health is improving. . There have been complaints on apples store site about syncing with the iphone. I haven't had any problems with ipad syncing but the iphone was a struggle so i'm waiting for the next update. Polar has been good about continuing to improve the watch functions, website and data available. . For the money, this watch has been a good deal.

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