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Price was $99.99. Note: my full review includes los of pictures and it can be found at my blog. . I love products that are well designed, functional, and multipurpose. My smartphone is probably the best example of this: phone, gps, camera, music player, plus a layer of apps on top for even more consolidation and convenience. . Well, the ibert safe-t-seat may not be the same caliber of swiss army knife as the modern smartphone, but by doing one thing really well, it makes my bicycle far more useful and multifunctional. . *background. . I've been using the ibert safe-t front-mounted bicycle child seat since january of this year, and i'm certain lucy and i have logged hundreds of miles together in that time. I track my miles like i track calories and carbs - i don't. . What i really love about it, is that it allows me to spend time with lucy while also spending some of my own excess energy. Since she sits so close to me, we chit-chat the entire time we're out riding together. Unlike rear-mounted child seats or pull-behind child-carrier style trailers, we are very much together on our rides - and i'm sure she enjoys her view and her level of engagement quite a bit more than staring at her dad's back. . With the baby able to join us so easily, the ibert has helped make it possible for amy and me to spend fitness time together, too. We've even committed to using our bikes for transportation (when reasonably possible) on those rare occasions when we eat out. Without any hesitation whatsoever, i can say that jerk chicken at the local gluten-free caribbean restaurant tastes far better when you've biked your way there. Riding several miles on an empty stomach is a magical seasoning that goes great with all meals. . Furthermore, our almost-daily bike rides provide lucy with an example of human powered transportation, which i think is both good for her cognitive development and for helping her feel connected to the world in a way that is just impossible in a car. It provides her with what seems to be a very interesting perspective, perched upon her little handlebar-captain's-chair zooming along at medium speeds with yours truly peddling happily. . All day, lucy runs around a house that is designed for people 10 times her size. She climbs stairs that come up to her knees. Chairs and sofas are almost eye-level, and she boulders right onto them. Her life is a workout. So for her, the opportunity for rest and relaxation, while actually sitting still for a while is a nice change of pace. . We also get a chance to explore places and to do things we otherwise wouldn't. You can't force quality time - it happens spontaneously and is a subset of "quantity time. ". . I purchased the ibert from online store for about $85, which is $15 to $20 cheaper than what you'll find at bike shops and stores. It's an online store prime item, so as a member, i received the carrier in two days at no additional shipping cost. . Considering how much use we are getting out of the ibert, it represents a tremendous value: fitness, cardio, family time, fun, transportation, and providing my daughter with an alternative, non-motorized view of how humans can go from points a to b efficiently and enjoyably. . *build quality & installation. . Installing the ibert safe-t is an easy process that shouldn't take more than 10 minutes or so. Simply tighten the mounting bracket around the stem of your handlebars. This will very likely scratch and leave marks on the stem. I was ok with this. If you're not, plan ahead and wrap the stem before mounting - perhaps an old tire tube, cloth tape, or something along these lines will do the trick. Your inner mcgyver will assist you, when the time comes. . Once the mounting bracket is on, the seat slides into place and is secured by a pin and clip, as you can see here. It might look a little flimsy or precarious, but it does do the job. The seat is intended for kids 4 and under, or up to 38 pounds. . I'm looking forward to at least a couple of more good years out of it. Lucy's almost two and just shy of 20 pounds. It may turn out that one advantage of her tiny preemie stature is that we'll get an extra few months out of this daddy-daughter bonding gadget. . The hard, molded plastic has not shown any indication of warping or losing its shape. In arizona, the january through march timeframe that we've been using it means that we've been riding in temperatures ranging from about 45º f to 85º f. When summer comes along, we'll be limited to early morning and post-dawn rides, because it will surely be too hot for us. And possibly the ibert as well. . Clean-up is super easy, although the comfort pad is showing some signs of darkening that comes with sliding a kid in and out. Shoes, snacks, and such rub off a little filth each time. If. Who am i kidding. When it gets dirty enough, i'll remove and wash it. The straps are black and should conceal their soil nicely. . Ours still looks close to new, even though we've logged hundreds of miles and tens of hours. . *riding & comfort. . I was concerned that any front-mounting child carrier would interfere with my legs and the steering of my bike. After shopping around, researching, and reading reviews, i decided that i didn't want a carrier that required peddling with an open-legged form that looks awkward, because i feared it would make long trips unenjoyable. . Fortunately, the ibert does not have this issue. I'm 6 feet tall and i'm on a bicycle that fits me with a 19 frame. It's not at all uncomfortable, and we routinely do hour-long rides. . I'm also very happy with the control i have over the bicycle, even though the seat turns with the handlebars. You won't want to routinely make any highly technical, rapid steering maneuvers for the sake of your child's comfort, but it's good to know that you can if you have to. . My front forks do have shocks, which add a good deal of comfort lucy's ride. Instead of quick bounces dampened only by the air that inflates the front tire, she floats more softly over bumps. . The padding in the seat doesn't offers a heck of a lot of comfort. Lucy still wears pullups when we ride, which may add a little extra cushion. More importantly, they help ensure i don't get any unwanted splashing. Happily, no bodily fluids have showered us yet, and lucy's doing a great job with her potty training. Pit stops like this are common. . Some creature comforts would be nice. . As packaged, the ibert is not a great place for a kid to fall asleep. But, a rolled up blanket can help. This has only happened once for us, so far. I would also love to have some sort of snack tray or cup holder, but we've made it work without them. I usually just give lucy a cup of carrot sticks or chocolate chips and raisins. . *safety. . Anytime you're riding on two-wheels there's a certain amount of risk involved. . As someone who rode a motorcycle for over 20, 000 miles in 2012, half during rush hour highway traffic - i have a heightened awareness of what cars and road hazards can do to two-wheelers. . Let's be clear. If we ever take a spill, it's gonna be a bad time. But, i'm a confident rider who hasn't fallen off of a bike since childhood, my situational awareness is well-honed, and i find this small risk to be acceptable. . The ibert unit itself does provide extra confidence, too. I especially like the way the hard plastic surround's lucy's legs. With her strapped in, a helmet on her head, and my own instincts to protect her at all costs - i'm pretty sure she would fare far better in a fall than would i. . Other safety concerns include the child's ability to access the handlebars. Lucy often rides with her hands on the bars. Sometimes, she puts them on the grips, under mine. She has appointed herself supervisor and operator of my headlight. This is a nuisance in the day time, because if i'm not careful, she'll turn it on and i'll neglect to turn it off causing the batteries to drain. In the evenings, it's a bigger pain. She's not too bad about it, though. If it was a bigger problem, i'd just move the light elsewhere. . Her arms aren't long enough to reach the brakes. Thank ye gods! and, by the time they do reach, her comprehension of the word no! ' will hopefully have improved. . So some things to consider:. . * if your child is close to the 38-lb. Weight max, maneuverability may be affected. * if your bike is too small for you, the seat may cramp the situation even further. * if you're not very confident on two-wheels, the risk of riding may not be worth taking. . And if you're going to use your bike for *transportation* or riding outside the neighborhood:. . * are you extremely good at slowing down before blind corners? every single time? . * do you look over your shoulder before crossing streets? . * do you trust no cars ever and assume they will kill you? . * do you trust yourself to avoid road hazards and handle things like loose gravel or small rocks on a turn? . * if you answered no to any of these questions, then bike riding may not be the way to spend time with your baby. And that's more than ok. If you answered yes to all of these questions, there's still a chance things can go terribly wrong. Risk, reward. Your call. . *overall value & conclusion. . When i consider the many hours of good times i've had with lucy. The extra exercise i've been able to get, and the time i've been able to spend with amy. This is one of the best purchases i've made, period. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is a solid rider. . Based on my experience with the ibert, i wouldn't trade it for any of the others forward- or mid-mounted carriers, but your needs and taste may vary.

-E. Anonymous

Ibert Safe-t-seat Front Child Seat (green,38-pounds Limit) Outdoor Recreation Sale 72 44 100

  1. Ingredients: Front-mounted child bicycle seat designed for kids ages 4 and younger
  2. Ingredients: 3-point harness and lap bar keep your child safe while riding

Ibert-safe-t-seat-front-child-38-pounds: Ibert Safe T Seat Outdoor Recreation Sale The Ibert Safe-t-seat Is A Front Mounted Child Seat That Has Many Benefits

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Front-mounted Child Bicycle Seat Designed For Kids Ages 4 And Younger. 3-point Harness And Lap Bar Keep Your Child Safe While Riding. More Fun Than Bike Trailer And More Interactive Than Rear-mounted Carriers. Stays Clear Of Knees While Pedaling; Easy-to-attach Stinger Assembly System. Safe For Children Up To 38 Pounds And 42 Inches Tall; Requires 3/4 Inch Of Usable Stem Ingredients iBert Safe-T-Seat Front Child Seat (Green,38-Pounds limit).

iBert Safe-T-Seat Front Child Seat (Green,38-Pounds limit) Overview (72-44-100)

Ibert Safe-t-seat Front Child Seat (green,38-pounds Limit)

  • Order : Sports
  • Brand : IBert Safe-T-seat
  • Color : Green
  • EAN : 7721008108682
  • LegalDisclaimer : Please Ask Questions (if Any Before Ordering), For More Info Review: Http://ibertinc/safe-T-features/
  • Manufacturer : IBert
  • Model : 72-44-100
  • MPN : 72-44-100
  • Quantity : 1
  • Part Number : 72-44-100
  • Group : Sports
  • ReleaseDate : 2011-08-17
  • Size : 38-Pounds Limit
  • Title : IBert Safe-T-Seat Front Child Seat (Green,38-Pounds Limit)
  • UPC : 740614900333

Sports Ibert Safe-t-seat Front Child Seat (green,38-pounds Limit) 72 44 100 Low-Priced Sports 740614900333 Ibert Safe T Seat, Ibert Safe-t-seat Front Child Seat (green,38-pounds Limit) 7721008108682. the ibert safe-t-seat is a front mounted child seat that has many benefits over the alternatives. it allows you to have more interaction with your child while riding; the child has a better view; your bike will have better center of gravity; and it is easier and safer to load your child into a front mounted vs. a rear mounted seat. the ibert is designed so you can pedal your bike without hitting your knees on the seat and is easy and fast to install. the safe-t-seat is designed for children 4 and under. the minimum age is 12 months since the child needs to be able to sit up well and hold the weight of a helmet. the maximum height of the child using the ibert seat is 42 inches. kids taller than that will be uncomfortable. the max weight for the seat is 38lbs. installation takes minutes. you will need at least 3/4 inch of usable stem in order to attach the seat. Ibert Safe-t-seat Front Child Seat (green,38-pounds Limit) Outdoor Recreation Sale 72 44 100.

Ibert Sports 72 44 100: iBert Safe-T-Seat Front Child Seat (Green,38-Pounds limit)

I gave this product 4 stars because i think as far as child bike seats go, this is one of the best out there. . But. There are a lot of improvements that need to be made, and i hope the creators take it into serious consideration. . First, let me say, as i said in my first sentence: as far as child bike seats go, this one is one of the best out there, because it is one of only two products i could find where the child is in front, and not back. There is another one that is less expensive, that i initially passed on based on the reviews. But now i am reconsidering. . The biggest pro to the ibert is obvious: your child can see from a better vantage point, as opposed to staring at your back or being in one of those bike trailers (which i am not comfortable with). . The assembly was fairly easy (so says my husband). . For me, the obvious pro outweighs the cons, but there are several cons to consider. . 1) the seat belt system really is not safe. The belts can easily slip off the shoulders of the child (even when you have them tightened on the child). . 2) the seat itself does not rise high enough behind the child's head. My daughter is over 2 years old so i am not worried about her head flopping around while we ride (she holds it up just fine) - but god forbid if we crahsed on the bike, i would be extremely concerned about her neck! . . 3) the way the seat sits on the bike makes it difficult to get a childs legs in and out of. My daughter is just over 2, and as far as height/weight goes, she is in the 25th percentile for height and 50th for weight. So she's not a big kid by any means. Her last checkup she was 24 pounds. But in order to get her in the seat, we have to remove her shoes and put her in very carefully. The leg openings go just underneath the handlebars. Thankfully she is cooperative because she loves to ride, but this is not a good thing, particularly if you have a squirmy child or one with chubby legs! . . As far as room for the parent (leg/knee wise) - i am 5'2 and riding a 26 inch cruiser bike. Perhaps it is because of the settings i have. But occasionally my knee has brushed along the bottom of the ibert seat. So i guess that problem can happen with people of any height, it just depends on how you have your bike set up. . Overall i still recommend this seat, but now after reviewing my own review. I feel less excited about this seat than i did when i started writing this review. So maybe i'll switch it to 3 stars. . If the makers can fix some of the safety issues with the seat, and make the leg molds a little deeper (maybe a flexible mesh on the bottom so that if the child has chubbier legs, it can still fit? ) i think this could be an even better seat. . The price is a little higher than i would like, but to me its worth it because i can ride with my daughter and interact with her in ways i could not if she was in a trailer or a rear bike seat.

Click to see NoticeIbert Safe-t-seat Front Child Seat (green,38-pounds Limit) (Ibert Safe T Seat)"I was a bit hesitant about having a seat on the front of my bike. However it has worked out great. Attaching it was simple, even on my hybrid bike. I like having my kid where i can talk to him and i also feel like i know if anything is wrong with his straps or buckles instead of worrying about it if he were behind me. Also, do to the seat being able to detach from the metal attachment with a pin, it make sit very simple to take off the seat when i am using my bike for normal purposes. I have no problem recommending this product, it has been great."

Ibert-safe-t-seat-front-child-38-poundsiBert Safe-T-Seat Front Child Seat (Green,38-Pounds limit) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

The Ibert Safe-t-seat Was Designed On The Premise That All Child Bike Carriers Are Not Created Equal. . . The Safe-t-seat Lets You Interact With Your Child While Riding. Equipped With A Three-point Harness And Lap Bar The Safe-t-seat Puts Your Child At The Front Of The Bike Where She Is Safe Comfortable And Entertained. The Front-mounted Location Is More Fun Than A Bike Trailer Which Limits Your Child's View While Putting Her In The Path Of Rocks Dirt And Other Annoyances. It's Also More Gratifying Than Rear-mounted Seats As It Lets You Interact More With Your Child While Providing A Better Center Of Gravity. And Unlike Many Traditional Front-mounted Seats The Safe-t-seat Sits High Enough To Stay Clear Of Your Knees While Pedaling Installs Easier And Sports More Safety Features. Designed For Children Four And Under The Safe-t-seat Features Ibert's Patented Stinger Assembly System Which Attaches And Removes Easily From Almost Any Bike. The Stinger System Sits Higher Than Other Seats And Is Smooth On The Bottom. Even If You're Extra Tall And Hit Your Knees On The Bottom Of The Seat They'll Just Glide Along The Seat's Smooth Bottom Edges. The Safe-t-seat Is Safe For Children Up To 38 Pounds And 42 Inches Tall. Kids Taller Than 42 Inches Will Be Uncomfortable. Parents Will Need At Least 3/4 Inch Of Usable Stem To Attach The Seat.

Nutcase - Baby Nutty Street Bike Helmet, Fits Your Head, Suits Your Soul - Outer Space

Even Babies Wanna Bike. From Their First Two-wheeled Glide To Their First Bitty Tumble From The Seat Of The Balance Bike To The Box Of The Cargo Bike Baby Nutty Is There For Your Kiddo For The Best In Helmet Style And Safety.

Nutcase - Baby Nutty Street Bike Helmet, Fits Your Head, Suits Your Soul - Outer SpaceNutcase-Nutty-Street-Helmet-Suits

Brand :    nutcase
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Size :    Xxs (47cm - 50cm)
Weight :    1.19 pounds
Model :    BNUT-1003-XXS
Quantity :    1
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CERTIFIED FOR BABY HEADS AGE 1 YEAR AND OLDER - Designed and tested for CPSC 1+ year old safety standard certification (CPSC 16 CFR 1203) for bicycle helmets for persons age 1 and older.GROWS WITH YOUR TODDLER - The Baby Nutty Helmet includes a 3mm and 6mm set of pads for the perfect fit. The elastic fit system stretches to accommodate fast growing heads and there's no velcro to get caught in your little one's hair.LIGHTWEIGHT IN-MOLD CONSTRUCTION - The Baby Nutty features Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) protective foam and lightweight in-mold shell for growing bobble heads. Its ergo-design encourages optimal bike seat posture.EASY-ON, EASY-OFF - Easy one-handed operation makes the Baby Nutty Helmet a breeze to open and close, even with gloves. The magnetic buckle is extremely secure, and nearly indestructible - no more broken buckles!COMFORT FOR THEM, COMFORT FOR YOU - The Baby Nutty is the helmet you and your little one will both love featuring a no pinch, no tears Fidlock® magnetic buckle and a fleece lined, skin soft protective buckle pad. It even includes netting over front vent holes for bee sting protection.

Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet (Highlight Yellow)

Easy Fun And Designed With Little Ones In Mind. The Me2 Features Thoughtful Touches - Like An Adjustable Fit System And A Buckle That Won't Pinch Soft Skin - That Parents Adore And Kids Love. Light Cool And Comfortable It Provides Just The Right Amount Of Coverage For The First Ride Or A Ride Home In He Stroller. And With Bright Colorful Graphics That Kids Love It's The Perfect Introduction For A Lifelong Bond With Helmets.

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Color :    Yellow
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Quantity :    1
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Mini Loc fit system6 ventsBuilt-in visor and pinch-proof buckleMicroshell with built-in bug net

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The Schwinn Infant Helmet Comes With A Dial A Fit Retention System For 100 Percent Adjustability For Smaller Or Larger Heads. The 6 Vents For Better Airflow To Keep Little Heads Cool And Comfortable. 360 Degree Internal Padding System For A Comfortable Fit.

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6 Flow vents to keep you coolDial fit offers 100% adjustability for larger or smaller heads360 degree internal padding system for a comfortable fitLower molded shell for additional protection from damageExtended rear coverage

iBert Child Bicycle Safe-T-Seat, Green

The Patented T-bar System Attaches To Your Bike In Just Two Minutes. The Seat Can Then Be Attached To The T-bar In 15 Seconds. Taking Off The Seat Is Just As Quick. Buy A Second T-bar Assembly For Your Spouse's Bike And You Can Switch The Seat Between The Two Bikes In A Matter Of Seconds.

iBert Child Bicycle Safe-T-Seat, GreeniBert-Child-Bicycle-Safe-T-Seat-Green

Brand :    ibert
Color :    Green
Size :    OS
Weight :    3.68 pounds
Model :    49100
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Unlike trailers - no dirt, rocks or water thrown in the child's faceCenter mounted provides a better center of gravity and increased mobility for the adult riderEasier, safer Loading and unloading of the childThe child safely positioned behind the handlebars allows for better communicationBetter view and more enjoyable ride for the child

Joovy Noodle Helmet, Orangie

We Feel That It's Never Too Early To Set A Good Example Especially When It Comes To Safety. At Joovy We Believe Teaching Children Early About Safety And Creating Good Safety Habits Is An Essential Part Of Parenting. That's Exactly Why We Developed The Noodle Helmet. The Noodle Helmet Is For Children 1-4 Years Old With A Head Size Between 18. 5-20. 5" (47-52 Cm). We Recommend Using It When Children Ride Bikes Trikes Ride-on Cars Scooters Bike Trailers And Other Activities Like These. The Joovy Noodle Features 14 Air Vents Integrated Bug Mesh In The Front Vents Extended Visor For Maximum Protection Nylon Straps Pinch Guard Chin Strap And An Adjustable Fit Dial. It Is A Great Looking Helmet And Comes In Various Colors. Meets Cpsc Standards.

Joovy Noodle Helmet, OrangieJoovy-00115-Noodle-Helmet-Orangie

Brand :    joovy
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Extended visor for maximum protection, nylon straps, pinch guard chin strapMeets CPSC standards14 air vents with integrated bug mesh in the front ventsAdjustable fit wheel dial for better fitting.Adjustable fit dialFor children 1 - 4 years old with a head size between 18.5 - 20.5"

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The Sprout Helmet Is The Perfect Fit For The Smallest Passengers With The True Fit System Plenty Of Vents To Keep Heads Cool And Pinch Guard To Ensure Pinch-free Buckling.

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Extended rear coverage provides extra protectionHi-impact reflectors improve visibilityTrue Fit self-adjusts to perfect fit - Fits head sizes 47-52 cmSeven top vents keep little heads extra coolPinch Guard ensures pinch-free buckling

iBert Extra Mounting Bar Safe T-Seat

The Extra Mounting Bar For The Ibert Safe T Seat Allows You To Be Able To Move Your Child Seat From One Bike To Another Without Having To Remove The Mounting Bar. All Aluminum Construction Helps Save Weight.

iBert Extra Mounting Bar Safe T-SeatiBert-Extra-Mounting-Safe-T-Seat

Brand :    ibert
Weight :    0.65 pounds
Model :    49160
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Includes Hex key, stainless steel ring pin, clip and boltsReplace your lost mount, or add one to a second bike for ease of switching seatAluminum construction

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Lazer Baby On Board Helmets For Children Riding In Trailers. Double Slide Retention System To Improve Stability And Comfortdesigned For Kids Riding In Trailersflat Back Rests Easily Against Back Wall Of Trailerspecial Padding To Keep Chin Cool And Comfortablespecial Neck Reinforcementsoft Fit Pads Are Easy To Remove And Cleanstraps With Reflective Material For Extra Visibility6 Vents235glazer Has A Simple Crash Replacement Program Available Through Participating Dealers. See Your Dealer For Detailsitem Specificationscolorchickweight235gfits46-52 Cmgenderyouthsizeone Sizehelmet Stylechilddefined Colorwhitevisor Includedno

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Special padding to keep chin cool and comfortable; total of 6 vents throughoutComfit3 retention systemSuper soft fit pads are easy to remove and cleanStraps with reflective material for extra visibilityFlat back rests easily against back wall of trailer

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Lazer Baby On Board (bob) Helmets Are Specifically Designed For Children Riding In Trailers. Comfit3 Retention Systemflat Back Rests Easily Against Back Wall Of Trailersuper Soft Fit Pads Are Easy To Remove And Cleanstraps With Reflective Material For Extra Visibilityspecial Padding To Keep Chin Cool And Comfortable; Total Of 6 Vents Throughoutspecial Neck Reinforcementitem Specificationscolorblueweight275gfits46-52cmgenderyouthsizeone Sizehelmet Stylechilddefined Colorbluevisor Includedno

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Comfit3 retention systemSuper soft fit pads are easy to remove and cleanFlat back rests easily against back wall of trailerSpecial padding to keep chin cool and comfortable; total of 6 vents throughout and Baby Unisize (46-51cm)Straps with reflective material for extra visibility

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Bought this to be placed on a schwinn meridian tricycle for 2 reasons. 1: logistically we couldn't put a normal rear mounted one on the back as there is the utility cage for carrying things and even if we did rig up something so we could put a baby seat on the back, the exposed spokes from the wheels would pose a danger for the child's fingers. 2: not sure what child digs looking at back of their pilot but our child certainly likes to look around. . So how does it install? places on the bike easily, the mount itself feels secure (although the seat when mounted does wobble a little, instructions say this is normal). . As for how does our child likes it? loves the wind and being able to looking around. Also likes how it turns when the trike is turned providing more movement/excitement. The child controls the bell to warn those who we pass (few and far between on the trike). Lots of people comment on what a great idea it is to have the child in front. . How do we like it? easy to install, easy to clean, does as its intended, keeps the kid happy. Happy kid happy parent(s). Since it attaches to the steering column over the front wheel, doesn't feel overly awkward in terms of balance (but then again also being on a trike helps). . Complaints? only 2 minor ones. First one is since it mounts to the front, just as the child can reach the bell, the child can also reach the brake levers (may be a product of the angle of our handlebars so ymmv) but we have to make sure the child is not touching them so their hands don't get pinched on the levers. Second is we wish there was a higher seat back. When the child sometimes falls asleep and we have to hold the head up while riding else the kids upper body is just flopping in the wind. Not a problem on a tricycle but i suspect would pose issues on a bicycle where balance is an issue. . I know previous comments mention with the kid in front, you can't see over their heads. I could see this as a future problem but then again, by that point, we hope the child will be riding on their own next to us. Our child is small, about 28-29" and my 5'2" wife has no problems with visibility. Also complaints of knees hitting the bottom of the seat are non-existent as well for both of us (i'm 5'4"). Again, ymmv depending on your bike. This trike is very upright and we so these are not an issue. I fully expect this to not work on my road bike, especially with my height as 1, i wouldn't be able to reach around to control the levers and 2, the sloped angle that the bike puts me at would mean my i would just be head butting the child and wouldn't be able to see over. . Overall, great product for those bicycles that put you in an upright position (i suspect cruisers would work well).

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: what's the smallest/youngest child you've ridden with in this seat and felt comfortable?

(1) Question: can you mount this to the handle bar stem (which twists and turns)? i do not have any usable section on the frame of my bike below the handlebar stem.

(2) Question: does it work on a cruiser bike?

(3) Question: i'm tall (6' 2") and have long legs. does it make it difficult to pedal for people with longer legs?

(4) Question: any petite parents out there riding with a toddler in this seat? are you able to comfortably reach around your child?

(5) Question: my son loves the seat but i'm concerned about the harness sliding down from his shoulder to his arm. and tips or tricks to keep them in place?

(6) Question: what is the difference between this "new" model and the previous version?

(7) Question: would this seat work with drop bars?

(8) Question: can the child interfere while riding? as in grabbing the handlebars, or grabbing/ kicking the cables?

(note) Question: where/how to get Ibert Safe T Seat (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Ibert Safe T Seat's products



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This is pretty much the perfect infant bicycle seat for one to three year olds. The mounting position allows me to stand up on the pedals while going up hills and doesn't get in the way of my knees while on the seat. Nic loves the wind in his face!

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Best ibert safe-t-seat front child seat (green,38-pounds limit) (ibert safe t seat) in review

I got this seat for my daughter when she had just turned two last spring and this will make her second year in it. . The bad:. It is a little awkward to get used to, as it does sometimes feel a little floppy if my daughter throws her weight back and forth a lot, but it never actually feels like it's going to fall off the bike or anything. It forces me to pedal with my knees slightly further apart than i normally would. My daughter sometimes changes gears with my trigger-shifters when i'm not looking. This can be a little dangerous. . The good:. That said, my daughter loves riding in this thing. This is the reason i've given it a 5-star review. She can talk to me and look up at me. She gets to hold my handlebars and pretend she's driving. She likes to point out things that she sees so that i can see them and we can talk about them. None of this is possible in her two-seater trailer that we use when we go biking with our friends who also have a toddler. Also, it seems that nobody has ever seen a front-mounted child-seat on a bike, so we always get lots of attention. My little girl loves that too!

B. Guest, Poole

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C. Paige, Utah says

We love our ibert! we purchased this for our son's first birthday. We wanted a safe seat option for our son to sit in front while we ride about town or on the coastal trail. We'd heard of bike trailers toppling over and didn't feel comfortable putting our child in something we couldn't see how he was doing. Here's why we are thrilled with the ibert:. . It fits securely to my husband's cruiser. The seat material feels solid without being heavy. The seat straps are secure. It's simple construction is well made. If something spills on it (or worse), it's easy to clean. Installation was simple. And most importantly, our son loves being in it with a front seat view. He's even nodded off a few times. . It's everything we were hoping for in a child's bike seat!

A. Sarah, Luton

I had previously been biking with a child trailer pulled behind, and that worked perfectly fine but my 18-month old daughter was not too excited about it. She wouldn't last more than 30 minutes in it. Since my first ride with her in this ibert seat, she has a little "bike ride" song and dance she does every time i mention it. She seems very comfortable and secure. I like how close i am and that i'm able to talk with her the whole time. I do have to slightly lower my seat to where i would not normally have it (so that my knees don't hit the bottom of the ibert seat), but that's honestly worth it for having her along for the ride. A bit more info: i have a 21" gary fisher mountain bike and am 6'0" tall, we ride comfortably together and clearly there is still room for her to grow. It's been a great tool this summer!

N. Elizabeth, St. Helens says

Quick and easy install and one year old baby loved it. I am 5'6" and 119 lbs and put this on my mountain bike. I did not need to modify the way i rode my bike at all, except standing on the bike to get up a steep hill was a little strange. I used a rear mount seat for my last baby and i like this so much more! it's more fun being able to talk to him and know that he's getting a front row seat to everything i see. Highly recommend this seat!

S. Meredith, Southwark

I love this seat! it fits on my cruiser perfectly and my daughter loves it! it's very easy to install on the bike and easy to take off. There's a little steering wheel and bar for baby to play with and rest hands on instead of holding on the the bikes handle bars.

A. Denise, Telford and Wrekin says

My 11 month old son loved this new seat! he had a great time and it was nice being able to see him enjoy our ride and be able to reach out to him whenever i wanted. His eyes were pretty watery after a while, so i'm thinking some eye goggles might be a good idea since he takes the brunt of the wind. It was a bit tricky at times to keep balance with my knees almost hitting his seat while i peddled and it seemed awkward trying to peddle with my legs slightly open; i am 5'9' though and have pretty long legs, so that might have been why. All in all it was a good buy, and it's been great to include him in my now much-more-fun workouts!

Z. Ruby, Midi-Pyrenees

I did a lot of research before buying a bike seat for my little guy and i'm so glad i found this one. I was worried because it looks cheap/unstable and weird/uncomfortable from the picture but it couldn't be more opposite of those things. My little guy had to be up front so he could see everything or he wouldn't be happy. This was perfect for us. It's safe, keeps his legs and feet clear of the wheel and handle bars and it seems extremely comfortable! he never wants to get out! it looks like it would be hard to steer, but it's really not, especially after a little practice. This is very easy to assemble and attachto a bike and super easy to put baby in. I love this seat! thank you for making an upfront seat! . . And for the record, i did not receive this product free or at a discount. I paid full price for it and am writing this review just to help other people who pay full price for stuff too!

Y. Imelda, Bromley says

My son just turned one a week ago and he loves going on bike rides. If he is cranky, a bike ride is sometimes all that will calm him down. The ibert is top notch in all areas except one, if he falls asleep on a ride, he becomes the human bobble head. Now i try to take him after his naps, or just do circles around the block if i think he might fall asleep. I feel this is a safe way to take your baby on a ride with you. . Note: i am a big guy, 6'5" and long legs and there is almost zero issue with my knees hitting the seat when it is mounted on my large frame mountain bike. Do use extreme caution when the seat is off and the mounting post is still on. That thing could easily slice the heck out of your knee!

F. Lorenz, Michigan

My wife and i bought this as a birthday gift for our 1-yr old son. The instructions clearly walked you through the installation, which was simple and easy. This is much easier to install than the bell cocoon that i have. Our son loved the ride, and i loved the fact that he was right in front of me where i could watch how he was responding to the ride. We've only had one ride in it so far, but i would recommend this product over a rear-mounted seat or carrier. My knees didn't hit the leg supports while pedaling, and there was barely any adjustment needed to balance his weight. We're looking forward to rides where we'll be able to point and talk about what we are experiencing together!

J. Franklin, Alabama says

Installs easily, and my kiddo loves being in the "driver's seat". I have both this and a rear mount seat on my bike and i have no problems (i'm a 5'4" 120lb female). The only thing i might change is that the straps don't actually fit my one year old - they are too wide on the top. However, the bar keeps him in place just fine and he's never tried to do anything but enjoy the ride, so not a big deal.

U. Walsh, Hackney

My 18 month old son loves riding with me. He has a smile from ear to ear when i put him in this seat. As with most reviews, the small cotter pin that holds the seat seems inadequate. I wish the attachment was a little more secure, otherwise it is a much better way to ride with your child than on the back. The setup was very easy, just make sure you have enough space for the clamp. I have a threadless style headset on my bike, so the clamp is attached to a headset spacer which does allow the support bar and seat to move with enough force. It is unnatural force, just me wiggling things to make sure everything is tight, so i'm not that concerned.

K. Wanda, Calderdale says

My 18 month old son loves riding with me. He has a smile from ear to ear when i put him in this seat. As with most reviews, the small cotter pin that holds the seat seems inadequate. I wish the attachment was a little more secure, otherwise it is a much better way to ride with your child than on the back. The setup was very easy, just make sure you have enough space for the clamp. I have a threadless style headset on my bike, so the clamp is attached to a headset spacer which does allow the support bar and seat to move with enough force. It is unnatural force, just me wiggling things to make sure everything is tight, so i'm not that concerned.

O. Brenda, Arkansas

Its great way to carry your kid. Much rather have him upfront than behind. My issue is with the quality of it. Its so so. . The shoulder straps dont work at all, the slip off the shoulders as soon as you put hem n, they should to some sort of brace star on the back to hold them up. The little wheel thing is cool, keeps entertained but my kid was able to snap it completely off (he's 21 months) and now i had to pedal while holding this thing with one hand. They should make a slightly better holding mold for that.

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