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Price was $72.80. I "almost" completed all 10 weeks of this last year and it really helped me shred a few pounds. I wasn't strict with my diet at the time either. I'm giving this series another shot full on with consistency and healthy eating. Can't wait for the results. The best part of this program is that it's only 25 minutes a day (for 4 days. Two 25 sessions for 1 day). It seriously gets you sweating and sore. Worth the price

-C. Rose

Focus T25 Shaun T's New Workout Dvd Program-get It Done In 25 Minutes Sporting Goods T25dvd2126nf

  1. Supplementary: Includes 11 nonstop 25-minute workouts on 9 DVDs, Quick-Start Guide, Nutrition Plan, Workout Calendars, B-LINES Resistance Band (15 lb.), and 5-Day Fast Track Guide
    (located inside shrink wrap)
  2. Supplementary: Get an hour’s results in just 25 minutes a day with FOCUS T25

Focus-shaun-workout-program-get-minutes: Beachbody Sporting Goods Get An Hour’s Results In Just 25 Minutes A Day. The Only Thing Standing Between You

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Get An Hour's Results In Just 25 Minutes A Day With FOCUS T25. Includes 11 Nonstop 25-minute Workouts On 9 DVDs, Quick-Start Guide, Nutrition Plan, Workout Calendars, B-LINES Resistance Band (15 Lb.), And 5-Day Fast Track Guide (located Inside Shrink Wrap). Major Studies Have Shown That 30 Minutes Of Exercise Can Be Just As Effective At Burning Fat And Even More Efficient Than 60 Minutes Of Exercise. With FOCUS T25, You Need To Work Out Just 25 Minutes A Day To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life. So Push Play And Focus For 25 Minutes And Get It Done! Supplementary FOCUS T25 Shaun T's NEW Workout DVD Program-Get It Done in 25 Minutes.

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Focus T25 Shaun T's New Workout Dvd Program-get It Done In 25 Minutes

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Sports Focus T25 Shaun T's New Workout Dvd Program-get It Done In 25 Minutes T25dvd2126nf Reasonable Sports 068656005121 Beachbody, Focus T25 Shaun T's New Workout Dvd Program-get It Done In 25 Minutes 0100024390931. get an hour's results in just 25 minutes a day. the only thing standing between you and the results you want is time. that's why trainer shaun t experimented for the last year to design a program that delivers the same kind of results you'd expect from an hour-long program in under 30 minutes. the result is focus t25and the name implies the intent: if you focus your intensity for 25 minutes and you do it 5 days a week you will get results. the focus t25 base kit includes 11 workouts on 9 dvds quick-start guide nutrition guide alpha-beta workout calendars 5-day fast track and a b-lines resistance band (15 lbs. ). Focus T25 Shaun T's New Workout Dvd Program-get It Done In 25 Minutes Sporting Goods T25dvd2126nf.

Beachbody Sports T25dvd2126nf: FOCUS T25 Shaun T's NEW Workout DVD Program-Get It Done in 25 Minutes

Loved the workouts but my knees couldn't take it currently. Great for anyone who's looking to drop some weight quick and get back into the rhythm of workingout

Click to see NoticeFocus T25 Shaun T's New Workout Dvd Program-get It Done In 25 Minutes (Beachbody)"About Me: I'm A 31 Year Old Registered Nurse. I Work 12 Hour Days Taking Care Of My Patients On A Medical-surgical Floor. My Job Can Be Physically Mentally And Occasionally Emotionally Draining. I Found Myself Exhausted And Not Wanting To Do Anything Active. It Didn't Help That I Was Indulging In The Over Abundance Of Candy Donuts Cakes Cupcakes Pies And Goodies Constantly Around The Nurses Station. I'd Come Home From Work Exhausted And All I Wanted To Do On My Days Off Was "rest". I Felt Like I Was "working Out" At Work Since I Was Rarely Sitting And My Legs Were Almost Always Sore At The End Of The Day. However The Weight Kept Adding On. I Would Sometimes Partake In The Drive Through Window. I Quit Fast Food About 9 Months Ago. It Helped But I Still Wasn't Motivated To Be Proactive About My Weight And Overall Health. One Day While In A Patient's Room I Saw The Infomercial For T25. I Thought "25 Minutes I Can Do That! I Waste At Least That Much Time Every Day. " So I Bought The Set And I Am On Week 4. Working Out After Work (sometimes Before) Is Doable. I'm Like "it's Only 25 Minutes!" Haven't Missed A Work Out Yet. I Have More Energy. I've Completely Changed My Eating Habits. Replacing 1-2 Meals A Day With A Protein Smoothie And Indulging Very Seldom In Junk Foods. I'm Feeling Better And Looking Better. Can't Wait To Reach My Goals! At The End Of Week 4 I've Lost 13 Lbs And 15 Total Inches Off Of My Waist Arms Thighs And Hips. As My Husband Pointed Out: "that's Over A Foot!" Ha Ha. Along With T25 I've Been Replacing 1-2 Meals Per Day With Garden Of Life Raw Meal Replacement. I Make Smoothies For Breakfast Each Day And Sometimes For Lunch. Been Eating Lots Of Quinoa And Using Coconut Oil In All Of The Things I Cook. I Don't Drink Soda Or Eat Junk. Although I Did Have A Bbq And Drink Beers. (i Gained 5 Lbs That Week). Been Completely Avoiding The Donuts And Sweets At The Nurses Station That Are Always There. I'm Very Motivated And I Think That's The Number One Ingredient. If I Can Do It Anyone Can!!!! Update: I've Lost A Total Of 20 Lbs. I Find Myself Being More Active In General. Hiking More And Doing More "double Days" Than The Program Calls For. People At Work Have Commented On My Weight Loss And My Scrubs Are Fitting More Loosely. I Am On To The "beta" Round Of The Program But Also Adding In Some Workouts From Alpha (such As Ab Intervals Which Still Gives An Amazing Core Workout). I Still Can Not Do All Of The Moves And I Am 49 Days In. I "modify" At Least 1/3 Of The Time. My Husband Is Naturally Lean + Naturally Athletic. He Has Been Doing The Program With Me And Finds It Challenging And Is Putting On Some Muscle. I Basically Drool Over His Arms. This Is A Great Program For Couples To Do Together In Lieu Of Watching 30 Minutes Of Tv. I Like That The Program Is Suitable For Many Different Fitness Levels. Update: Completed The First Round. 10 Weeks. Alpha+beta. Didn't Miss Any Workouts. Added A Few Extras In. Lost A Total Of 29. 2 Lbs. I Haven't Had Time To Measure But I Can Tell I've Lost More Inches As Well. I've Moved On To The Gamma Round Which So Far Is Pretty Challenging (speed 3. 0 Was Sooo Hard). I Highly Recommend This Program To Anyone Who Is Short On Time But Wants To Challenge Themselves To Work Out Intensely. Shaun T Is Very Motivating. One Thing I Ditched Almost Right Away Were The Resistance Bands. It Took Several Seconds To Set Up The Moves With The Bands- As Another User Mentioned: Precious Time Lost. Also Doing Squat Walks With Those Under Your Feet Is Impossible. The Only Thing Is If You Chose To Use Weights You May Need A Few Different Ones. I Purchased Some 5lb Weights Which Work Perfectly For Most Exercises. But For Some I Want Something Heavier/lighter. Don't Get Really Heavy Weights You Do A Lot Of Reps. What Else Can I Say There's No Excuse Not To Do 25 Minutes!"

Focus-shaun-workout-program-get-minutesFOCUS T25 Shaun T's NEW Workout DVD Program-Get It Done in 25 Minutes (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack

Get Ripped Flat Abs In 6 Weeks With Americas Toughest Trainer Jillian Michaels. Forget Boring Sit-ups Jillians Ab-shredding System Will Chisel The Midsection With Her Winning Combination Of Core-focused Cardio Circuits And Ab-toning Exercises. 6 Week Six-pack Includes Two Dynamic 30-minute Workouts Plus Warm-ups And Cooldowns. Start With Level 1 For Three Weeks Then Advance To Level 2 For Increased Intensity And Fat Burn. Stick With It And See Dramatic Results!

Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-PackJillian-Michaels-6-Week-Six-PackHaving Ripped Abdominals May Not Make You A Celebrity--well Unless You're That Guy On Jersey Shore--but If You're Looking To "lose Weight Get Healthy And Change Your Life" As Trainer Jillian Michaels Puts It Then 6 Week Six-pack Should Find A Spot On Your Menu. It Won't Be Easy; There Are Two Very Challenging Routines Featured Here Each Of Which Should Be Practiced Five Days A Week For Three Weeks. Nor Will It Be Simply A Matter Of Lying On The Floor And Doing A Few Sit-ups. Michaels's Mantra Is "shed Fat While Toning Your Core" And In The Course Of These Two Approximately 30-minute Routines (level 1 Is Hard; Level 2 Is Harder) You'll Spend A Good Amount Of Time On Your Feet Doing Vigorous Aerobic Work (marching In Place Squats Lunges Leg Lifts And Such All Designed To Keep The Heart Rate Up) As Well As The Demanding Mat Exercises Some Of Which Derive From The Plank (or Upward Pushup) Position And Thus Build Arm As Well As Core Strength. The Pace Is Quick Rests Are Few And Michaels Is A Demanding Instructor; There's No Coddling Here And The Workouts Are Definitely Not For The Slothful Or Faint Of Heart. But She Knows What She's Doing--her Emphasis On The Breath Will Be Familiar To Anyone Who Practices Yoga As Will Some Of The Poses She Uses And Her Attention To "control Focus And Form" Is Helpful. "bring Intention To Your Action" Michaels Says And Judging By The Hundreds Of Positive User Responses It Works. --sam Graham

INSANITY Base Kit - DVD Workout

Shaun T's Insanity Workout Is The Best Of Its Kind. No Other Workout Can Get You These Types Of Results In Just 60 Days. Guaranteed! Shaun T's Max Interval Training Techniques Are A Step Ahead Of Every Other Fitness Program Ever Designed. You Get You A Lean Muscular Body In A Short Amount Of Time. The Insanity Workout Is A Difficult Workout But The Results Are Phenomenal. Complete Set Includes A Nutrition Guide Calender To Track Your Progress And 10 Intense Dvds. No Exercise Equipment Is Necessary All You Need Is A Little Space And A Big Heart.

INSANITY Base Kit - DVD WorkoutINSANITY-Base-Kit-DVD-Workout

Brand :    beachbody
Color :    Black
Size :    12 x 9 x 3 inches ; 1 pounds
Weight :    10.00 pounds
Model :    SANDVD2151
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Video Dvd (Sports) reviews for INSANITY Base Kit - DVD Workout available as-of ( Aug 2019 )
Free online support tools help you stay motivated with round-the-clock access to fitness experts and peer supportEach workout keeps you constantly challenged as you alternate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals performed at your maxYour personal trainer Shaun T will push you past your limits with 10 workout DVDs packed with plyometric drillsComplete set includes a nutrition guide, calender to track your progress, and 10 intense DVDs for a great workoutPerform long bursts of maximum-intensity exercises with short periods of rest

Shaun T's FOCUS T25 CORE SPEED DVD Workout

You Want Better Fitness Results A Strong Flexible Core Underpins Almost Everything You Do In Your Workout. If You Want To Enhance Your Balance Improve Your Stability And Crank Up Your Fat-burning Intensity All You Have To Do Is Load Up Focus T25 Core Speed And Push Play. Build A Better Core. Every Motion You Make Either Originates In Your Core Or Moves Through It. That's Why Shaun T Developed This Revolutionary Set Of Non-stop Drills That Specifically Tighten And Strengthen Every Muscle Throughout Your Core So You Can Get The Best Results Of Your Life. Shaun T Gets You Where You Want To Be. You Get In. You Push Hard. And You Stay Focused. This Is Shaun's Way Of Getting Your Core Ready To Take On Any Challenge And At The Same Time Melting Off Your Pounds From Head-to-toe. You'll Be Amazed At The Difference In How You Look And How You Perform With This Efficient 25-minute Workout.


Brand :    beachbody
Model :    T25DVD2109NF
Quantity :    1
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Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (beachbody) reviews for Shaun T's FOCUS T25 CORE SPEED DVD Workout available as-of ( Aug 2019 )
CORE SPEED is perfect on its own or, if you've already blasted through the ALPHA phase of the FOCUS T25 base kit, you can use CORE SPEED as an intense substitute for the SPEED 2.0 discIt's 25 minutes of pushing hard, burning fat, and getting shredded in record timeAre you ready to improve your balance, increase your stability, and crank up your fat-burning intensity?All you have to do is load up Core Speed and push PlayCore Speed is the perfect workout when you're busy and have no time to waste

Shaun T's FOCUS T25 GAMMA Cycle DVD Workout

Ready To Push Yourself And Accelerate Your Focus T25 Results Then Gamma Cycle Workouts Are For You! While The Gamma Cycle Is Designed To Be Integrated Into Focus T25s Alpha And Beta Workouts Its Also Exceptionally Effective As A Stand-alone Workout Program As Well. In Gamma Youll Strengthen And Streamline Your Biceps Triceps Shoulders And Back While Accelerating Your Reps And Blasting Through Fat. Think You Got What It Takes Prove It! To Yourself And The World. Its Time To Get The Body Youve Always Wanted In Half The Time Of Traditional Training. Its Time To Ramp Up Your Results. Its Time To Get It Done With Focus T25 Gamma. Focus T25 Gamma Includes Four 25-minute Workouts On Four Dvds A Pure Gamma Calendar And A Pure Strength Calendar.

Shaun T's FOCUS T25 GAMMA Cycle DVD WorkoutShaun-FOCUS-GAMMA-Cycle-Workout

Brand :    beachbody
Model :    T25DVD2127NF
Quantity :    1
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Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (beachbody) reviews for Shaun T's FOCUS T25 GAMMA Cycle DVD Workout available as-of ( Aug 2019 )
Carve lean muscles, burn more fat, and power up your fitness level in these four explosive 25-minute workoutsGAMMA is the 3rd cycle in the FOCUS T25 3-part conditioning system, but it is designed to be integrated into the FOCUS T25 BETA cycle to ramp up and accelerate your resultsIncludes four 25-minute workouts on individual DVDs: (1) RIP'T UP; (2) EXTREME CIRCUIT; (3) THE PYRAMID; (4) SPEED 3.0Includes PURE GAMMA calendar and PURE STRENGTH hybrid calendar which integrates the strength-based workouts from ALPHA, BETA, and GAMMA

Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout

Shaun T Will Show You His Tilt Tuck & Tighten Technique For Six-pack Abs And Burning The Fat Off Your Entire Body. Dont Worry If You Cant Dance Shaun T Will Teach You His Moves Step By Step And Youll Be Ready To Hit The Clubs In Your Hot New Body In No Time. With Hip Hop Abs You'll Get Flat Sexy Abs Without Ever Doing A Single Crunch Or Sit-up. Hip Hop Abs Includes 10 Total Workouts On 3 Dvds Including 3 Bonus Workouts And 3 Bonus Learn To Dance With Shaun T Routines Step-by-step Nutrition Guide 30-day Workout Calendar Measurement Card & Tape Measure Results On The Run Diet Guide And 6-day Slimdown Plan.

Hip Hop Abs DVD WorkoutHip-Hop-Abs-DVD-Workout

Brand :    beachbody
Quantity :    1
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Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (beachbody) reviews for Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout available as-of ( Aug 2019 )
Hip Hop Abs comes with 10 total workout routines including 3 bonus workouts and 3 bonus Learn to Dance workout routines across 3 DVDsBonus: 3 additional workouts, 3 Learn to Dance with Shaun T routines, Results on the Run diet guide, and 6-Day SlimDown planGet flat, sexy abs without ever doing a single crunch or sit-up with Hip Hop AbsIncludes step-by-step nutrition guide, 30-day workout calendar, measurement card, and tape measure

Shaun T's INSANITY MAX:30 Base Kit - DVD Workout

Get Ready To Max Out For Max Results. With Insanity Max:30 The Only Thing Standing Between You And The Best Body Of Your Life. Is You. There's No Equipment Needed In These Killer Cardio And Strength Workouts. Just Push To Your Max And Get Insane Results In 30 Minutes A Day. Insanity Max:30 Comes With 12 Workouts On 10 Dvds Max Out Guide Nutrition To The Max Max Out Calendar Ab Maximizer Calendar And No Time To Cook Guide.

Shaun T's INSANITY MAX:30 Base Kit - DVD WorkoutShaun-Ts-INSANITY-MAX-Workout

Brand :    beachbody
Model :    IMDVD2117
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (beachbody) reviews for Shaun T's INSANITY MAX:30 Base Kit - DVD Workout available as-of ( Aug 2019 )
Includes 12 Workouts on 10 DVDs, MAX OUT Guide, Nutrition to the MAXThe craziest 30 minutes of your day for the best results of your lifeAlso includes MAX OUT Calendar, AB MAXIMIZER Calendar, No Time to Cook GuideNo equipment requiredINSANITY MAX:30 is Shaun T's latest workout

HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat

Reward Yourself And Your Body With A Hemingweigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat And See Why This Is The Most Popular Exercise Mat Found In Yoga Studios Fitness Clubs Schools And At Home! *we At Hemingweigh Take Pride In Supplying The Most High Quality Yoga Mats That Provide The Most Comfort For Your Yoga And Exercise Workouts. This High Quality Deluxe Mat Will Last Longer Than Most Standard Exercise Mats. Our New Extra Thick Exercise Mat Is An Extra Long 70'' And Is One Of The Thickest Mats On The Market. *when Shopping Around For A Exercise Mat Note That What Many Other Companies Call A Exercise Mat Is Thinner Than This Mat. These ''knock-off'' Mats Are Shorter And Weigh Less Indicative Of Their Inferior Quality. A Thicker Non-slip Mat Is Good For All Types Of Yoga And Exercise Especially For Restorative Poses. The Lightweight Portable Mat Is Great For Yoga Pilates Exercise And Stretching. The Cell Material Makes Floor Workouts More Comfortable And The Non-slip Surface Grips To Floor To Prevent Injuries. The Moisture-resistant Skin Is Easy To Clean After Use.

HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise MatHemingWeigh-Extra-Thick-Foam-Exercise

Brand :    hemingweigh
Color :    Black
Size :    71"x 24"
Model :    na
Quantity :    1
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Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (hemingweigh) reviews for HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat available as-of ( Aug 2019 )
Exclusive thick Foam pad makes floor workouts more comfortableDouble-sided, non-slip surface grips the floor to prevent injuriesOver 23 inches wide by 70 inches longIntegrated self-strapping system for easy transport and storage

Yes4All Premium X-Safe Resistance Band w/ snap-block technology (WHILE OTHER UNSAFE DESIGN WILL HURT YOU) 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 45, and 60 lbs single & set - Special Promotion

With Our Resistance Bands You Can Force More Muscle Groups Engaged Help To Improve Your Coordination And Balance As Well As Your Strength. The Brand You Can Trust: We Offer Various Resistance Levels Ranging From 15 Lb To 60 Lb For Your Different Fitness Levels And Needs. Heavy-duty And Multi-dip Malaysian Latex- The Highest Latex Is Employed For Your Best Experience. Its Superior Elasticity And Durability Level Outperforms Any Standard Resistance Bands On The Market. The Resistance Band Features Nylon Handles With Heavy-duty Foam Padding To Ensure Comfort During Your Workout. We Include One Storage/travel Bag In The Package So You Can Take Your Favorite Resistance Bands To Anywhere For More Practice. Come With Door Anchor. Patented X-safe Technology: Work Out With Confidence As Our Resistance Band Has Applied X-safe Technology -twin-tube -recoil & Got Blocked By The Joiner So You Can Avoid Deadly Snap. Lightweight And Compact Fitness Bands Are Great To Workout At Home Gym Or Exercise On The Way. Literally You Can Do Any Full Body Workout Anywhere And Anytime! Only Take 20- Minute Real Resistance Band Workout Every Day And You See The Difference Right Away!

Yes4All Premium X-Safe Resistance Band w/ snap-block technology (WHILE OTHER UNSAFE DESIGN WILL HURT YOU) 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 45, and 60 lbs single & set - Special PromotionYes4All-Premium-Resistance-snap-block-technology

Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown DVD System

Incredible Slimdown Cardio Dance System Dance Yourself Fit And Burn Up To 1000 Calories The Weight Is Over! Zumba Fitness Brings The Party Home With The Incredible Slimdown Dvd System Featuring 5 Dvds Sole Control Wraps A Program Guide And A Nutrition Guide. Give Your Calories One Last Dance With This Total-body Workout. High-energy 30-second Bursts Help Burn Fat By Combining Cardio Muscle Conditioning And Interval Training With Some Serious Fun. See Results Fast Feel More Confident And Transform Yourself Into A Happier Healthier You. Includes: Dvd 1 - Quick Start- Learn The Basic Zumba Steps And Get Movin! - 20 Minute Express- Test Your New Moves With A Calorie-torching Total-body Workout Dvd 2- Super Cardio Dance Party Featuring Burst Intervals- Give Your Dance-fitness Workout An Extra Fatburning Kick! Cardio Bursts Are Fun High-energy 30-second Spurts That Yield Huge Results. Dvd 3- Zumba Max- Get Ready To Sweat It Off With This Super High-energy Live Class Led By None Other Than Beto The Creator Of The Zumba Program. Dvd 4- Latin Burst- Shake It To The Sounds Of Merengue Salsa And Reggaeton. Bursts Help Boost Your Results So Crank The Fiesta Music And Let Loose! Dvd 5 - Global Burst - Kick Up Your Moves With Cardio Burst Intervals As You Dance-it-out To International Beats Including Hip-hop Ashe African Bhangra And More. This Total-body Dance Party Will Give You Full Results In Half The Time. Sole Control Wraps- Slip Em On Over Your Favorite Sneakers And Get Movin! Sole Control Wraps Increase Your Range Of Movement And Allow You To Slide Pivot And Turn With Ease. Program Guide- Featuring A Weekly Workout Planner Training Zone Guide Stretches And More. Nutrition Guide- Healthy Recipes And Nutrition Tips For Maximum Results. Dvds In English And Spanish

Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown DVD SystemZumba-Fitness-Incredible-Slimdown-System

Brand :    zumba
Model :    D0D00267
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (zumba) reviews for Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown DVD System available as-of ( Aug 2019 )
Dance yourself fit w/ this 5 DVD total-body workout! High-energy bursts help burn fat by combining cardio & interval training w/ serious fun.See results fast, feel more confident and transform yourself into a happier, healthier you. Feat. a Weekly Workout Planner, Healthy recipes & more.Burn up to 1000 calories with Super Cardio Dance Party, Latin and Global Burst DVDs feat. cardio interval bursts to deliver a fat-burning kick.SOLE CONTROL WRAPS: Slip 'em on over your favorite sneakers to increase your range of movement and allow you to slide, pivot and turn with ease.Get ready to sweat your butt off w/ Zumba Max DVD, a super high-energy live class, feat. crazy-fun dance moves, designed to burn a ton of calories.

Brazil Butt Lift DVD Workout - Base Kit

We're Not All Lingerie And Bikini Supermodels But Who Says We Can't Learn Their Secrets To Getting A Firm Lifted Butt Leandro Carvalho Trainer To Famous Supermodels Combines Brazilian Dance Cardio And His Own Signature Lower-body Sculpting Moves To Help You Make Your Booty Your Best Feature. Leandro's Proven Triangle Training Method Works All Three Major Muscles Of The Buttocks From Multiple Angles To Lift Your Butt Reduce Your Hips And Thighs And Tone Those Stubborn Trouble Zones. You Can Even Customize The Workout Plan To Turn Your Current Shape Into The One You've Always Wanted.

Brazil Butt Lift DVD Workout - Base KitBrazil-Butt-Lift-DVD-Workout

Brand :    beachbody
Weight :    1.32 pounds
Model :    01795001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (beachbody) reviews for Brazil Butt Lift DVD Workout - Base Kit available as-of ( Aug 2019 )
Includes helpful tools and bonuses to help you get the most out of your workoutProven TriAngle Training method works all 3 major buttocks musclesFeatures 7 total workouts on 3 DVDsCombines Brazilian dance, cardio, and signature lower-body sculpting movesLeandro Carvalho's workout system is designed to shape, lift, and firm your behind
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I travel a lot and needed something quick and portable. T25 is exactly that- minimal equipment needs and the daily routines are 25 minutes (28 if you stretch, and you should stretch). . I had doubts about getting results in just 25 minutes a day, but one has to be mindful of the nutrition component. The exercises are 25 minutes a day but you have to pay attention to your feeding habits all day. With t25, you are consuming 1200-1600 calories with a significant boost in protein. One could achieve results with just the nutrition plan alone, but you would lose the cardio / muscular / mental gains of exercise (just exercise people). Do not exercise only and complain about results; you must follow the nutrition plan too. . I would give this 5 stars if beachbody made it easier to get the routines on to a device (iphone for me, moto x for my wife). Sadly, they do not, and i had to brute-force my way into getting routines mobile. I understand the need for protecting digital assets, but in this case it is not very consumer friendly for those of us playing by the rules.

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(0) Question: is this workout hard on the knees. i love the insanity ones, but i have to take too many days off , so hoping to rotate this one in if possible.

(1) Question: for beginners?

(2) Question: i noticed people suggested getting a yoga mat and weights for resistance band for this workout. is it nessecary to have one?

(3) Question: beachbody is charging $119.85 for t25...why is online store so much more?

(4) Question: so is the music motivating? i need something to keep me going! p90x3 bored the heck out of me :-p

(5) Question: are the workouts 25 minutes including warm up and cool down? or do those add exra time to the workout?

(6) Question: do you have the same return policy with this item as if i bought on beach body site??

(7) Question: hip hop abs vs. t25

(8) Question: i want to down load to my ipad!!!!

(9) Question: does this work for 60 year old.

(note) Question: where/how to get Beachbody (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Beachbody's products


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Yes This Works. I Started T25 In August Of 2015 And It Was Hard. I Was Too Fat. Too Out Of Shape. I Couldn't Do It. I Quit. And So I Stayed Fat And Out Of Shape. I Got Fatter. I Ended Up Around 225 At 5'8. Fast Forward To February. The Dvds Are Sitting In The Box Still. I Decided To Try Again. T Was Still Hard. I Modified With Tania Everyday During Alpha. I Still Couldn't Get Through Total Body Circuit The First Time. I Had To Turn It Off After Like 18 Minutes (hello Oblique Knee Pushups!) But This Time I Still Hit Play The Next Day. And The Next. Soon I Was Doing The Regular Moves With Everyone Else. At The End Of Alpha My Legs Were In Pain But I Was Down A Good 20 Pounds (yes In 5 Weeks! Yes I Cleaned Up My Diet Too!) Then I Moved Onto Beta Ad It Was Like Day 1 All Over. Hello Tania Let's Do This Again! Again In About A Week I'm Hitting It With The Rest Of The Crew Again. And Then I Started Noticing Something. Abs! Not A Six Pack But Definition I'd Never Seen Before. After Nailing Beta I Got A Copy Of Gamma And If You Don't Think Speed 3. 0 Is A Challenge You're Crazy And/or Batman. After Finishing All Three Rounds I Was Down 60 Pounds And Ready For New Challenges. I'll Mix Some T25 In Again Though. I Wish I Could Meet Shaun T And Give Him A Hug.

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Best focus t25 shaun t's new workout dvd program-get it done in 25 minutes (beachbody) in review

First Let Me Start With I Am Almost 50 Years Old Female And Have Very Large Breasts So I Hate Workouts That Involve Jumping Up And Down A Lot. At First I Didn't Like This Because The First Dvd Does Have A Lot Of Jumping Jacks. However Each Day Is A Different Workout And The More I Did The More I Liked It. I Am Definitely The Oldest Person Doing This Workout On The Tape But There Is A 45 Year Old Who Looks Very Fit And Lost 45 Lbs. That Is A Good Motivator For Us Over The Hill Folks. I Consider Myself Pretty Active But I Do Not Work Out Regularly. I Am About 10 Lbs Over Weight For The First Time In My Life Due To The "dreaded" Change Of Life And A Lot Of Stress. My Goal Is To Get Fit And To Lose Those 10 Lbs And To Strengthen My Muscles And Lose A Couple Of Inches. I Will Update This Review Each Week. The Only Reason For The 4 Stars Is That I Haven't Done It Long Enough To Know If I Will Lose The Weight Or Get Fit But I Am Very Hopeful. I Must Say The 1st Day Of My 1st Week I Thought I Couldn't Get Through It. Thank God For The Modifier Girl!! Omg I Haven't Moved This Much Without A Break In 20 Years. I Felt Very Uncoordinated And Like I Would Never Get Those Moves Down. Low And Behold I Found Myself Not Even Looking At That Clock In The Corner Of The Tv And Before I Knew It 15 Minutes Was Gone And I Thought I Might Get To The End. I Did Stop For A Few Seconds To Gulp Down Some Water But I Made It To The End Of The Tape. I Think I Used The Modified Moves Maybe Half Of The Time. That's Ok I Kept Moving. I Called My Son Who Is In College For Some Encouragement And He Is A Big Px90 User So He Was Like "keep Going!" Thank God For The Young As Well! The End Of The 1st Week I Found The Moves To Be A Bit Easier And The Time Went Faster. I Can't Believe That I Broke A Sweat In Only 25 Minutes But I Certainly Did! I Can Feel That This Workout Can Be Very Effective If You Stick With It. I Yelled A Lot At Shaun Lol. The Beginning Of The 2nd Week Found Me Looking Forward To Doing This Workout! I Honestly Can't Believe It I Have Never Really Stuck With Anything Other Than Weight Lifting But That Just Doesn't Get The Weight To Melt Off For Me. I Will Continue To Write Weekly Updates And My End Resulting Weight Loss Check Back For More!

C. Guest, Ohio

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K. Russell, Massachusetts says

T25 is a killer workout - my husband and i do it together and we are on opposite ends of the health spectrum. He loves exercising and going to the gym and i am more of a recovering couch potato with bad knees. We both finish covered in sweat and completely thrilled with our workout. This is a great little package - it includes the grueling workouts (that have amazing modifications so that you can build up to the harder moves), as well as some great recipes to get your transformation started. Shaun t knows what he is doing and gives you the tools to change your life. I can't wait to get my t-shirt when i send in the before and after pictures!

E. Kellie, Telford and Wrekin

This is a killer workout. There is no doubt this workout will take everything you have. I'm 43 was chubby and out of shape. I'm 4 weeks into the workout without following their food plan and i have lost a ton of chub and getting my abs back. Legs are strong and i feel great. 25 min is perfect time i don't have an hour to do a workout. My wife and i do the workout together and we are seeing great results. Which consequently has made us want to eat better etc. I'm a dude i drink beer, i eat the fat off a rib eye i'm not about to give up all the things i like. T25 has allowed me to have the best of both worlds.

B. Connie, Shropshire says

Let Me Start By Saying That I Hate Dvd Workouts And I Hate Going To A Gym Or Working Out Anywhere Else. Ok I Hate Working Out. I Had To Do Something To Lose Weight And Stave Off Diabetes And Other Ugly Consequences Of Being Too Heavy. I Have Been Faithful To Shaun T And Am Just Finishing The Beta Cycle. I Have Mostly Modified Sometimes Even Modifying The Modifier. I Have Lost Inches And Pounds Much To My Delight. I Love The Fact That I Can Do This In 25 Minutes Every Day. I Don't Have To Go Anywhere And Can Carry It Anywhere. My Husband Was Horrified That I Carried It All The Way To Tahiti And Worked Out Every Single Day. I Have Now Purchased The Gamma Cycle As Well As The Core Speed Disc. I Recommend It Highly. I Am 57 Years Old With Knee And Ankle Issues. I Go Slowly And Work Steadily. Over Time I Have Gotten Stronger And Can Do More. Don't Expect To Be As Good As The Folks In The Video. Just Be Committed To Yourself And Keep On Trying.

X. Susana, Oldham

I have one week left before i complete the beta cycle. I am 6'1" and began the program weighing 235 lbs. As of this morning i weighed in at 209. I have not followed the diet plan that came with the program, but instead used the lose it! app on my iphone to count calories. I love this program because 25 minutes is something i can make myself do. No more excuses. Not all of the workouts are extremely difficult, but they are all hard enough to get a good sweat going and to burn quite a few calories. Don't get me wrong though, several of the workouts are extremely difficult and i have not yet been able to keep up with the athletes in the video. The modifier, tonya, is fantastic for this, as you can simply go to an easier move for a little while to catch your breath, and then get back to giving it your all. I also find shaun t to be very motivational, which really helps me to give my full effort. I have not gotten "ripped", though that was never my goal. I just wanted to be in better shape and to have more energy, and i would say i have accomplished those goals. I plan to continue on with the gamma phase after i finish up with beta, and then to just try to maintain my current fitness level. I highly recommend this program, coupled with a calorie counting app to lose weight and increase your fitness level.

P. Lindsey, Doncaster says

It's Worth Every Minute Of Dripping Sweat For 25 Minutes Every Day- For The Past 4 Months. Because Of Re-occuring Golfer's Elbow 2 (previously) Sprained Ankles & 2 Bad-knees- I Used The Modifier Most Of The Time. You Get Back What You Put Into It. 22lbs And 11" Loss-later I'm In The Middle Of My 2nd Round And Will Move Onto Gamma When I'm Done. *fyi- Just Being Real Here- The Band Sucks. I Invested In Hand Weights (5lb And 7 Lb) Because The Band Kept Snapping Off The Handle (good Times!) And During Ripped Circuit- It Was Easier To Transition To Hand Weights Than The Band. *btw- If You Have Bad Knees (like Me)- It Wouldn't Hurt To Invest In A Treadmill-size Mat. It'll Make Cardio/speed Less Painful. Carpet Is Great But Not For Pivoting- You'll Just Tear Your Knees Up.

G. Carolyn, Western Australia

Although This Workout Is Hard Core It Helped That There's A Person Doing The Modified Version. When I Got Tired It's Easy To Switch And Still Get The Results I Wanted. 4 Weeks And Down 25 Lbs This Fat Girl Starting Out At 260 Can Do It So Can You!

I. Harrison, Haringey says

Yes, this works. I started t25 in august of 2015 and it was hard. I was too fat. Too out of shape. I couldn't do it. I quit. And so i stayed fat and out of shape. I got fatter. I ended up around 225 at 5'8. Fast forward to february. The dvds are sitting in the box still. I decided to try again. T was still hard. I modified with tania everyday during alpha. I still couldn't get through total body circuit the first time. I had to turn it off after like 18 minutes (hello oblique knee pushups! ) but this time i still hit play the next day. And the next. Soon i was doing the regular moves with everyone else. At the end of alpha my legs were in pain, but i was down a good 20 pounds (yes in 5 weeks! yes i cleaned up my diet too! ) then i moved onto beta, ad it was like day 1 all over. Hello tania, let's do this again! again, in about a week i'm hitting it with the rest of the crew again. And then i started noticing something. Abs! not a six pack, but definition i'd never seen before. After nailing beta, i got a copy of gamma and if you don't think speed 3. 0 is a challenge you're crazy and/or batman. After finishing all three rounds, i was down 60 pounds and ready for new challenges. I'll mix some t25 in again though. I wish i could meet shaun t and give him a hug.

J. Rochelle, Florida

I Love T25!!!!. It Is Hard Enough That After 25 Min I Feel Like I Have Spent 2 Hours At The Gym But Not Too Hard I Cannot Do It! I Would Say This Is A Great Start Before Insanity. I Plan To Do Gamma Next And Then Insanity :30 Max. I Am Currently On The 3rd Week Of Beta Cycle. I See And Feel Results But Also Want To Make It Clear I Eat Very Well And Count Calories. You Cannot Get Fit If You Eat Bad. I Highly Recommend This Product. Two Friends Have Bought It And Also Love It.

U. Heidi, Maine says

If You Are Anything Like Me These Dvd Workouts Seem To Good To Be True. They Promise Results In Just Minutes A Day. Well I Was Honestly Surprised By Focus T25. I Am Not A Physically Fit Person. I Dont Workout. I Dont Eat Right. I Pretty Much Stuff My Face And Sit On The Couch. I Got To A Point Where I Was Almost 300 Pounds And My Gut Stuck Out Further Then My Feet. And I Wear A Size 15 Shoe. The Package Came With Everything It Shows. The Dvds Resistance Bands Calender And Diet Recipes. So Lets Talk About The Diet. Shaun T Offers A Variety Of Choices That You Can Mix And Match For All Meals. Including Snacks. Now I Love To Eat. I Would Kill Some Mcdonalds For Breakfast Almost A Whole Pizza For Lunch And 2 Big Helpings Of Whatever For Dinner. I Found It Hard To Follow The Recipes That Came In The Package But It Gives A Good Reference For Your Own Diet. It Is Really Hard But I Found That Changing My Eating Habits Was Easier Since I Was Doing The Workouts. Its Almost Like Motivation To Eat Better. And You Will Not Lose Weight And Belly Fat By Just Doing The Workouts!!!!!!! That Brings Us To The Workouts. They Are Fast Pace Very Difficult Tiring Cause Me Pain Everywhere Make You Want To Quit Make You Want To Shoot The Tv Make You Scream At Shaun T. But It Really Is Only 25 Minutes A Day For 6 Days A Week. For 10 Weeks. There Is A Plus Side. The Workouts Are Impossible If You Are Like Me Fat. Sloppy Cant Walk Through The House Without Losing Breath. But When You Do The Workouts There Is A "modifier". It Is A Woman Named Tonya Who Works Out Next To Shaun T. She Does The Same Exercises But Less Aggressive. It Is Still Hard And You Still Sweat. A Lot!!!! I Had Trouble Keeping Up With Her The First 2 Weeks. But Dont Stress. I Had To Run In Place When The Workout Was Too Much To Handle. It Gets Easier!!!! As Far As Results Go. I Started Of At 265 Pounds. Could Hardly Breath. No Energy. Ate Too Much. Big Gut. Love Handles. Stretch Marks. The Whole Nine Yards. I Am Currently Into The 5th Week So Only Half Way Through. I Am Down To 250 Pounds And I Can Keep Up With The "modifier". I Can Even Do Some Of The Things That Are More Aggressive. In Case You Didnt Know. That Is 15 Pounds In 5 Weeks. I Strongly Recommend You Try This. Especially If You Are Like Me And Can Barely Bend Down To Tie Your Shoes. It Is Hard. Hard To Keep Up. Hard To Change How You Eat. Hard To Commit. But Do Like Me Dont Give Up. Go At Your Own Pace. The Results Will Come. It Does Take More Then Just The 10 Weeks To Get Where You Want To Be. Most Of The People In The Commercial And On The Dvds Have Done Multiple Rounds ( 1 Round Is Equal To 10 Weeks). But I Can Truly Say That It Is Not Only The Hardest Thing Ive Ever Done. But It Is Also The Most Fun Ive Ever Had. And You Feel Amazing About Yourself After 25 Minutes. 5 Stars. Try It. Dont Quite. It Works

A. Mahood, Wakefield

I purchased this base kit to add to my already grueling workouts. I figured it would be something different and short for my morning workouts before work. I love it! . . First let me say my goal was to get shredded, not really lose 'weight' like most people. I am a small person already. However to tone and shredd my body i really really want my 4 pack to turn into an 8 pack, that was my goal. . I just finished week 5 which is the end of 'alpha'. I followed the calendar suggested workouts, did them all, even added the abs on some extra days and some saturdays. I never did them on a sunday, sunday is your stretch and relax day. I also kept up my gym time. I like extra cardio typically 30min and weights/floor matt exercises. I didnt really follow his nutritional guide as i already eat very healthy and eat most of the things he suggests, so that really didnt help me any. . I didnt see a change in my weight as i stated i am already small. However i did measure myself on day one and again today and i did lose 4" total so far. . I will re-update after i finish betta and i do plan on purchasing gamma. . Update. I am on my last week of beta starting next week. I really like the speed 2. 0 its fast pace and challenging. I like alpha abs better then dynamic core, i really dont see the change i was hoping for. I have to say when comparing alpha to beta, alpha is much more effective for me, seeing as how i already lift weights at the gym the upper focus really didnt do much at all. The band that is included is hard to follow along with the guy using them, everyone else is using hand weights. So i started using my hand weights. I still incorporated some of the workouts from alpha in beta. Alpha is more of a fat burn loss progressive unit as beta does not focus much on that at all. I did order gamma and will be starting that after next week. I will push through and finish beta but probably will not use much of those routines in the future except speed 2. 0. . Keep pushing !

W. Shirley, North Yorkshire says

This workout is for anyone and everyone. It is rigorous and challenging. You only need a small space, no accessories. It is a comprehensive program that works every major area of the body, enhances strength and builds your cardiovascular fitness. The beauty of the program is its length: only 25 minutes! the duration is great psychologically when you are first starting-you can do just about anything for just 25 minutes-and is great for ensuring you can keep doing it. Following the different programs keeps your body from getting used to the various exercises so you continue to benefit from it without getting bored. It is fun! i love this workout plan!

I. Jackson, Louisiana

I Am Revising My Review After 7 Weeks On Program. Since I Know I Will Be Slammed By The Beachbody Coaches I Want To Make Clear That I Am A Shaun T And Beachbody Fan And I Own Turbo Jam Hip Hop Abs P90x And Brazil Butt. I Have Not Done Insanity And Bought This In Hopes It Would Be Bridge Between Insanity And Hip Hop Abs. The Good News First Is You Get A Good Calorie Burn On These Dvds. According To My Heart Rate Monitor I Was Averaging 400 For The Cardio Based Classes And 300 For The Others Which Is Pretty Great For A 25 Minute Dvd. Following That Line Of Thought The Other Good News Is It Is Over In 25 Minutes So You Can Just Make Yourself Push Play And Before You Know It Is Done And With 300 - 400 Calories Burned You Feel Like You Have Accomplished At Least Enough To Call It A Day. Also I Want To Point Out The Production Value Is Really Good And Shaun T Is Great As Always. Now The Bad - It Is Really Repetitive And Full Of Moves That Many People Will Have Issues With After Doing This For Few Weeks. Too Much Hoping. Too Many Lateral Lunges. And For My Personal Taste Too Many Burpees And Other "cardio" Exercises In Plank Position. The Dvds Seem To Be Composed Of The Same 15-20 Moves And I Did Not Like Half Of Them So That Made This Pretty Hard For Me To Look Forward To Doing. For Example Speed 1 Speed 2 Cardio Cardio Core Are At Least 75% Of The Same Exercises Which Is Fine But Do You Need Four Of Them. Lastly For The O. K. Portion There Is Some Good Stuff In Here And With Some Time And Effort You Could Organize These Dvds Into A Program That Would Show Some Good Gains. But The Issue Is I Bought This For An "out Of The Box" Workout Schedule Where The Master Trainer Did All The Work Of Putting The Program Together And For What I Wanted The Program To Do For Me I Did Not Think It Was Accomplished By The Rotation On The Calendar. The First Half Of The Program Was Good For Quick Cardio But I Did Not Feel I Got A Good Enough Full Body Workout And Found Myself Needing To Do Non-program Dvds Or Go To They Gym To Work Out On The Machines. The Second Half Was Light On The Lower Body So Again I Was Having To Look To Other Places To Get The Fitness Benefits I Was Looking For. I Did Start Doubling Up On The Dvds But I Ended Up Only Using Half Of Them And I Feel For Over $130. 00 That Came Down To Too High Of A Per Dvd Price To Have To Cobble Together My Own Program. For A Person Who Gets 100% Of Their Exercise From Dvds I Was Underwhelmed By What I Got For My Money And Believe I Can Get A Much Better (and Cheaper) Workout Using A Rotation Of Four Or Five Dvds Comprising Of One Or Two Full Body Weight Training And Three Or Four Cardio For Variety. (if You Have No Problem Doing Same Workout/exercises Over And Over Then Buy One Jari Love Dvd For Weights And Taebo Ripped For Cardio And You Have All Tools You Need For Less Than $25. 00). If Price Is Not An Issue Then You Could Purchase This Program And Combine Two Dvds At Time For 50 Minutes And Get A Pretty Good Workout With High Calorie Burn. Also If You Have No Knee Issues Love Hopping/push-ups / Planks/ Burpees And Want/need To Cram Full Work-out Into 25 Minutes Then You Will Love This Program And Should Purchase It.

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