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Best of Shirts Brands February 2019

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    Asics Women's Long Sleeve Top (wr2570 p)

    Asics Women’s Long Sleeve Top (wr2570 p) 5023

    Discover it Asics Women's Long Sleeve Top (wr2570 p), Women's long sleeve from easy to faster paced running, our long sleeve top offers advanced moisture management in a soft, butter-like fabric. wrap around seams and flatlock stitching complete what is -asics women's long sleeve top
    • Benefit: Advanced Moisture Management For Comfort And Performance.
    • I bought it to wear under my jersey as sun protection, it stays very cool and the style is great. The sleeves are on the tight side. I ordered up a size and it fits well, but if i got my regular size it would definitely be too small. It picks up odor quickly, but after one wash it smells fine again. https://ruret.com/asics-womens-long-sleeve-top-50230nvqfq5o/#asics-womens-long-sleeve-top
    • Benefit: Seams Wrapped To The Back For Better Comfort.
    Cut-Price Asics Women's Long Sleeve Top (Sporting Goods) Wr2570 P