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    Terrain Sport Sled (Outdoor Recreation Product)

    Terrain Sport Sled (Outdoor Recreation Product) 4561

    Most Wanted Terrain Sport Sled (Outdoor Recreation Product), Sport The Vicking Sport Sled Is A Heavy Duty Sled Capable Of Performing For Work Or Play. Whether You're Hauling Your Gear, Hunting, Fishing Or Just Sledding For Fun, The Kl Industries Sport -Terrain Sport Sled
    1. Quality: Easy To Pull By Hand, Snowmobile Or Atv, This Sled Features A Heavy-duty Thick Tow Rope And A Ribbed Bottom For Navigating Across Snow And Ice.
    2. Just fine for what i need-to occasionally slide heavy loads (150 lbs or so) downhill over rough but grassy terrain (hobby farm work). I used to use a wheelbarrow but it would bounce and pitch so badly and with my bad back i could barely manage. For more demanding uses, such as hauing large loads thr... go to https://ruret.com/terrain-90040-sled-sport-sled-456103z76j3w/#terrain-90040-sled-sport-sled
    3. Quality: This Hunting Sled Is Specially Engineered With High Impact Polyethylene Material To Offer Optimum Durability And Lightweight Portability.
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