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Price was $33.73. Velcro pistols to doors! whats not to love. Murica'

-O. Guest

Pistol holsters – 5 pack gun this package of five pistol holsters attach hook & loop to the carpeted interior of your safe to keep your handguns neatly organized. they hold most handguns and work on carpeting -acorn pistol holsters – 5 pack gun safe

  • Benefit: Securely Holds Your Handgun.
  • Benefit: Keeps Your Weapon From Being Damaged.

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These holsters will accept almost any size and weight pistol imaginable and stay firmly in place on my safe's carpet lined door. I actually use two of them to hold an ar-15 style rifle on the door (just position them so you extend the buttstock up into the top holster). They don't harm the finish of your gun and as for those who complain that removing the holster tore up the lining of their safe's door, if they carefully wiggled the holster off instead of gripping and ripping it, they wouldn't have any issues. I have a safe that can generously referred to as budget in quality and i still haven't had a problem with repositioning these holsters as the need arises. They work as advertised if not better and are very reasonably priced. I may even have a belt made out of some scrap berber i have laying around and use two of these holsters for the most unconventional double rig the old west never saw. The Best pistol holsters pack gun as-of ( Aug 2019 ) | Acorn-Sporting Goods Review Benefit Acorn Pistol Holsters - 5 pack for Gun Safe Acorn pistol holster with hook & loop attaches to the carpeted interior of your safe. Securely holds your handgun. Keeps your weapon from being damaged .

Acorn Pistol Holsters - 5 Pack For Gun Safe Review (Acorn Enterprises)

Freed up all sorts of space in my safe and they really have a solid grip on the inside carpeting of my safe. Hung a gen. 1 glock 17 fully loaded with both mags and it doesn't budge. -U. Widmer

Acorn Pistol Holsters Pack Safe

Acorn Enterprises
Product Dimensions
Height:4.80 inches
Length:10.20 inches
Weight:0.25 pounds
Width:6.50 inches

pistol holsters - 5 pack gun Sports, This package of five pistol holsters attach with hook & loop to the carpeted interior of your safe to keep your handguns neatly organized. they hold most handguns and work on carpeting that will hold hook & loop material Acorn Pistol Holsters - 5 Pack Gun Safe (-Acorn Enterprises).

Acorn Pistol Holsters Pack Safe Sports

pistol holsters pack gun Acorn Pistol Holsters - 5 pack for Gun Safe (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Work very well. I purchased these to do just what the picture shows, put my hand guns on the gun safe door. I had to purchase some velcro carpet for the safe since the holsters would not stick to the existing safe carpet. Not the holster's problem, no velcro i tried would stick to the safe carpet. Once the new carpet was installed the holsters stick very well and securely hold my hand guns in place for easy access. Great product!

Acorn Pistol Holsters - 5 Pack Gun Safe
Click to see NoticeAcorn Pistol Holsters - 5 Pack Gun Safe (Acorn Enterprises)"Nice holsters and they definitely save space in the safe. They are secure enough that i don't expect they will fall off but they just seem to hang away from the door too much to me. Probably just my ocd though, they work well."

Stealth Velcro Double Clip Pouch Magazine Holder Gun Safe Accessory 5

Have you ever put your handgun or pistol in a pistol holster to attach to the wall of your gun safe? have you noticed that it takes the handgun off the shelf, but leaves you absolutely nowhere to put the clips? most people just throw their clips on the shelves leaving them cluttered, unorganized and susceptible to banging into each other causing scratches and numerous other cosmetic defects. What if you could put your guns clips right next to the gun? no more clutter, no more banged up clips, just a clean, organized and efficient safe. Now introducing the stealth double clip pouch! with a back full of hook & loop, you'll never have to worry about your clips falling of the carpeting you stick it to, and with the front full of spandex, you'll have no problem fitting your clips into it. Double padding and double stitching mean this thing is built to last forever which is why stealth backs it up with a lifetime warranty. While this product was initially designed for gun safes, it works fantastic in a concealed carry tactical vest or bag.

Stealth Velcro Double Clip Pouch Magazine Holder Gun Safe Accessory 5Stealth-Velcro-Double-Magazine-Accessory

Brand :    stealth
Color :    Black
  • Securely holds two clips with strong hook & loop backing
  • 4" l x 5" w , each pocket is 2 1/4" w
  • Top quality product with a lifetime warranty
  • Spandex front stretches to fit nearly any size clips
  • Great for concealed carry in tactical vests and carry bags
Price :    $34.94
Model :    STL-Clip-Pouch
Quantity :    5
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (stealth product review) for Stealth Velcro Double Clip Pouch Magazine Holder Gun Safe Accessory 5 available as-of ( Aug 2019 )

Lockdown Small Hanging Organizer

The compact size of the small hanging organizer allows it to be easily added to spaces in any vault. A mesh pocket with elastic band keeps valuables secure and easy to access. Add multiple hanging organizers for additional storage

Lockdown Small Hanging OrganizerLOCKDOWN-222170-Lockdown-Hanging-Organizer

Brand :    lockdown
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.51 pounds
  • Secure and organize a variety of small valuables , personal documents even vehicle titles
  • Universal attachment system includes hooks for carpeted interior and magnets for metal interior
  • Elastic bands keep items secure
Price :    $12.88 (was $12.99)
Model :    222170
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Lockdown Small Hanging Organizer available as-of ( Aug 2019 )

AmeriGun Club Easy Use Gun Hanger Pack of 4 Original Handgun Hangers

Work great on any surface. Does not have to measure exact size the weight of gun will hold in place. Loves these so much i ordered 3 more sets! it's so simple.

This is a brand new handgun hanger. This handgun hangers enable suspension of handguns by their barrels beneath 5/8 to 1-inch-thick shelves in gun safes, kitchen cabinets, closets and bed frames, freeing up space atop. Normally handgun length must not exceed 10 inches, otherwise the door might not shut. They are suitable for . 22-cal. And larger bore diameters, the vinyl coated rod ensure a tighten grip for mounting.

AmeriGun Club Easy Use Gun Hanger Pack of 4 Original Handgun HangersAmeriGun-Hanger-Original-Handgun-Hangers

Amerigun Club Easy Use Gun Hanger Pack Of 4 Original Handgun Hangers (E Onsale) FAQ.

This product works great for storing your pistols. It limits the amout of surface area you take up in your safe. Your guns are suspended neatly in the air. I have a small safe so this was perfect for me when space started running low. Not only does it loom and work well, but the guns are not at risk of falling unless improper installation happens. The istallation of these hangers is extremely easy. Literally just slide onto the shelf assuming theres a shelf in the safe. I have had no problems with this. I would recommend and probably will order more in the future. -Notice from N. Nees, Texas

Click to Show amerigun club easy use gun hanger pack of 4 original handgun hangers (e onsale) Details

Ultra fast shipping. Good product though i had to squeeze them a bit to fit the shelf snuggly and i bent the barell rod up a bit to stop the guns from drooping a little. Love the way they organize and diplay my guns and i store them loaded. They also fit my . 22 ruger. I bought 2 sets of 4 so i have enough.

Amerigun-club-easy-use-gun-hanger-pack-of-4-original-handgun-hangers-(e-onsale) set picture

- J. BrendaI read the other reviews. I was buying these for bigger pistols than . 22, but i thought i'd try the buckmark on for size. The buckmark fits. Naa mini revolver fits fine too. Mine work with . 22 lr caliber pistols. . 22 wmr (magnum) is a little bigger diameter (1 or 2 thousandths of an inch) so it should work fine. . They hold up way better than the kind of hanger with the plastic rods i had been using. A 1911 govt and a 3" magnum judge don't make the rod bend down. I also tried an xd . 45 with a full 13-rd mag with no sag. I will buy some more. I read the bad comments about the seller. I got my stuff pretty quick, but i haven't dealt with customer support. You pay your money, you take your chances. I'm happy with my experience.

Great product only issue i had with the hangers was i had to really force the hanger down into the barrel of my . 22 sig mosquito not so sure this is a good idea but the hanger does have a rubberized coating and doesn't seem to be damaging the inside of the barrel itself and the rubberized coating is not being damaged either. All larger caliber pistols i have fit perfect.

Z. Patricia, Picardie

Brand :    e-onsale
Color :    Black
Size :    1.00" x 4.00" x 11.80"
Weight :    0.60 pounds
  • Intended for guns with an overall length of 10-inch or shorter; fits on shelves 5/8 to 1-inch thick
  • Organizes handguns under and above the shelf
  • Fits handgun barrels as small as a . 22 caliber
  • Amerigun. club handgun hangers (4 hangers in package)
Price :    $4.99 (was $8.39)
Model :    HANGER-4P
Quantity :    4
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for AmeriGun Club Easy Use Gun Hanger Pack of 4 Original Handgun Hangers available as-of ( Aug 2019 )

Safety Solutions For Gun Storage Pack of 6 Original Pistol Handgun Hangers Hand made in USA 6 hangers

They are wires that you hang guns off of. That was what i was looking for and i don't have the ability to make them myself. For me, they were exactly what i was looking for.

Clear off the shelf space in your gun safe and expand its capacity with handgun hangers. This product organizes handguns below the shelf, freeing up storage space above the shelf. Handgun hangers are intended for guns with an overall length of 10 inches or shorter. Handgun hangers have chamfered ends and are vinyl coated to ensure a safe, nonabrasive mount for your gun. They will fit shelves that are at least 11 inches deep and 5/8-1 inch in thickness. Handgun hangers will hold handguns 22 caliber and up. Allow room for length of gun and ensure door will shut when using this product.

Safety Solutions For Gun Storage Pack of 6 Original Pistol Handgun Hangers Hand made in USA 6 hangersSafety-Solutions-Storage-Original-Handgun

Safety solutions storage original handgun (Safety Storage) FAQ.

Strong rubber coated z bar type design that slips on gun safe shelf tight. I hang a few hand gun's from em for an easy grab when i open the safe. Note: the short barrel gun's don't stay up so well. Better for full size handguns. I really like em. Good choice for my carry guns. I have my beretta 92, glock 21, glock 30 & springfield xd . 40 at the ready hanging from these. -Notice from S. Kellie, Cambridgeshire

Click to Show safety solutions storage original handgun (safety storage) Details

This review is for the "safety solutions for gun storage" by safety storage. I mention this as i've seen many very similar looking products on online store. That said, the hangers worked as advertised. I'm using them on a thicker carpeted shelf, and find them to be secure (not unintentionally moving around on the shelf). I like the flexibility of being able to adjust/relocate them as needed.

Safety-solutions-storage-original-handgun-(safety-storage) set picture

- B. SheilaWas a bit on the slow side on dilivery, but was exactly what i wanted, and at a very awesome price. Yes i would buy again if needed, and yes i do highly recommend them.

Works well except if you have a light gun like a polymer . 22 the weight of the gun will not be enough to keep the top of the gun from being pressed against the bottom of the shelf. Otherwise these are great.

K. Lara, Northamptonshire

Brand :    safety storage
Weight :    0.80 pounds
  • Fits handguns 22 caliber and up
  • Intended for guns with an overall length of 10 inches or shorter; fits on shelves 5/8 to 1 inch in thickness
  • Handgun hanger 6 pack holds 6 guns, vinyl coated (handmade in the u. s. a)
  • Organizes handguns below the shelf
Price :    $5.99 (was $10.29)
Model :    57693
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (safety storage product review) for Safety Solutions For Gun Storage Pack of 6 Original Pistol Handgun Hangers Hand made in USA 6 hangers available as-of ( Aug 2019 )

G.P.S. Hook/Loop Universal Magazine Holder, Grey

Worth Every Penny. These Really Stick Well And Have No Problem Of Holding 3 Loaded Magazines. I May Be Purchasing More In The Near Future.

The g. P. S. Hook/loop universal 3 magazine holder makes storing your shooting accessories easier than ever. Expands gun safe storage by utilizing any area that has carpeting on the inner walls or inside door.

G.P.S. Hook/Loop Universal Magazine Holder, GreyG-P-S-Hook-Universal-Magazine-Holder

G.p.s. Hook/loop Universal Magazine Holder, Grey (G P S) FAQ.

Bought 3 Of These For My Gun Safe. I Have A 9mm & A . 45 & As I Buy More Ammo & Other Accessories I Find Myself Running Out Of Room On The Shelves. This Is A Perfect Solution For My Problem. Even Though It's "meant For Carpeted Surfaces" To Be Mounted On I Just Put Magnets On The Velcro Strips & They Hold Up The Weight With No Problem !!! Great Addition For A Gun Safe ! -Notice from J. Miller, Essex

Click to Show g.p.s. hook/loop universal magazine holder, grey (g p s) Details

Mag Holder Works Well Attaches To Safe Carpet And Holds Dbl Stack Mags Do Not Try To Move To Often As Does Not Want To Come Loose The Problem With These Are You Can Not Seem To Get Them 1st Order Cancelled Received Second Order Ust Order Another And That Order Cancelled Online Store Says Can Not Supply

G.p.s.-hook/loop-universal-magazine-holder,-grey-(g-p-s) set picture

- M. PatriciaNow My Magazines Are Neatly And Well Organized. I Am Quite Impressed With The Quality And Construction Of The Universal Magazine Holders. They Attached Quite Well On The Carpet Of The Safe With My Double Stacked Magazines And They Are Very Sturdy. They Are Space Savers. Buy Three Or More And You Will Not Regret It.

Bought A Bunch Of These For My Safe Door - Very Pleased With Them. Mags Range From 50ae Desert Eagle To . 22 And Everything Fits - Although 3 De Mags Won't Fit In A Single Holder. They Grip The Fleece Well And I Particularly Like The Mesh Material As It Holds No Moisture. Would I Buy More Yes But Need More Space For Them As I Filled The Door With Them!

B. Edith, Surrey

Brand :    g.p.s.
Color :    Grey
Size :    3
Weight :    0..01 pounds
Model :    GPS-205CL3
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
  • Hook and loop backing that is sewn directly onto the back side
  • Expands the areas of storage within all gun safes
  • Conveniently utilizes any area
Price :    $6.99 (was $11.45)
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for G.P.S. Hook/Loop Universal Magazine Holder, Grey available as-of ( Aug 2019 )

Acorn Velcro Three Pocket Mesh Holder


The 3 pocket mesh holder will attach firmly to the carpeting on the interior of your safe. It will give you more room on your shelf by storing knives, ammo clips, money, keys, cell phones or other small items.

Acorn Velcro Three Pocket Mesh HolderAcorn-Velcro-Three-Pocket-Holder

Acorn Velcro Three Pocket Mesh Holder (Sporting Goods) FAQ.

Works great on the carpeted interior of my safe. It'll only work on the type of carpet that has a bit of "pile" to it. One of my safes has the premium "nice" carpet that is too smooth for velcro backed safe accessories. But for my other safes, this is very useful. I bought more! -Notice from H. Sherry, Prince Edward Island

Click to Show acorn velcro three pocket mesh holder (sporting goods) Details

I stick my credit cards and gift cards that i can't keep in the wallet in these pockets in the safe.

Acorn-velcro-three-pocket-mesh-holder-(sporting-goods) set picture

- D. ColleenThis attaches very well to the inner door of my safe using the velcro surface. It's a lot smaller than i expected, so pay attention to the dimensions listed. Overall, works well.

Perfect for extra magazines or whatever very strong hold keeps what you want where you want it! . I'll probably get 2 more.

B. Cindy, Wokingham

Brand :    acorn
Weight :    1.00 pounds
  • Two long pieces of velcro securely hold the mesh holder to the carpeting in your safe
  • Will hang on the door or the wall of your safe
  • Measures 5" wide by 13. 5" high
  • Mesh pocket holder has three pockets for storing small items
Price :    $19.99
Model :    ACO-3PMH
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (acorn product review) for Acorn Velcro Three Pocket Mesh Holder available as-of ( Aug 2019 )

Gun Storage Solutions Magazine Mount

Works Great In My Safe. I Bought 2 Of These And Attached Them Vertically Right Above My Gun Barrel Rest Inside My Safe. Used The Sticky Back It Comes With Along With The 4 Nails. Over 2 Weeks And No Problems At All. My Mags Are Loaded With 45acp On The Left And 9mm On The Right.

Organize and store metal magazines on any surface with mag mounts. This magnetic strip will adhere to a metal surface or nail to a wooden or drywall surface (nails provided). Mag mounts conveniently store magazines in tight areas and create a nice presentation of a collection.

Gun Storage Solutions Magazine MountGun-Storage-Solutions-Magazine-Mount

Gun Storage Solutions Magazine Mount (GSMGMT) FAQ.

This Is Just A Rubberized Magnetic Strip. It Has A Self Adhesive Backing That Will Not Stick To The Material Inside My Safe. I Used The Included Tacks To Mount On The Bottom Side Of A Shelf. I Will Not Purchase Another One. -Notice from A. Garner, Washington

Click to Show gun storage solutions magazine mount (gsmgmt) Details

I Found This Magnet Works And Will Hold Even Loaded Mags. However The Grip Is Not Reassuringly Strong So I Tried A Different Approach That I Would Recommend To Fellow Large Safe Owners. I Bought A 22" Magnetic Knife Holder. I Bought Ouddy Brand But I Believe Any Good One Will Work And You Can Find Almost Any Length To Fit Your Needs. The Knife Holder Magnet Strength Is Far Superior. Only Slight Issue Was Attaching But I Could Drill Screws Into My Door Board. So Overall I Don't Want To Say This Is A Poor Product Because It Does Work And It Will Stay In My Safe But There's A Better Answer Out There.

Gun-storage-solutions-magazine-mount-(gsmgmt) set picture

- G. TaylorThis Is A Good Idea But The Adhesive Backing Was Not Strong Enough To Hold The Magnetic Plate In Place. I Used It For Three 10-rounds Mags And The Plate Was Keep Falling Off My Gun Safe's Door. I Hate To Buy Aditional 3m Double-sided Adhesive Tape In Order To Secure It Properly.

I Was Skeptical Because Of The Bad Reviews I'm Glad I Ordered One Anyway! Holds My Loaded Xd-45 Mags (13 Rounds) On Their Side. Empty Mags Will Stick By Just Their Backs To Allow For More Mags. Frees Up A Lot Of Room In My Safe. I Wish They Made A Longer Version Of This To Utilize My Entire Door As Two Won't Fit Side By Side. Top Row In My Photo Is 6 1911 2 Beretta 92 2 Cz 75 And Two Ruger 22/45 Magazines. Bottom Row Is 3 Loaded Xdm 45 Mags And 3 Unloaded. This Thing Works Perfectly! I Have No Idea Why The Other Reviewers Cannot Get Full Mags To Stick.

O. Perez, Harrow

Brand :    gun storage solutions
Color :    Black
Size :    1
Model :    GSMGMT
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Gun Storage Solutions Magazine Mount available as-of ( Aug 2019 )
Price :    $11.95
  • Holds metal magazines - not recommended for plastic or plastic coated magazines (e. g. glock)
  • Adheres to metal surfaces
  • Nails provided to apply to a wooden or drywall/fabric covered surface
  • 3 pound weight limit
  • 3" x 10" of magnetic space available

acorn pistol holsters - 5 pack for gun safe Price : 33.73, was : 0 as 2017-11-23
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Acorn Pistol Holsters - 5 Pack Gun Safe (Acorn Enterprises) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for acorn pistol holsters - 5 pack for gun safe

This is the second set i have ordered. These little holsters work perfectly and stick to the door of my safe very securely. I have semi-auto as well as revolver handguns in these holsters. My two . 44 magnums aren't even a challenge for these holsters. They stick to the door just as good as with the ligher semi-auto pistols. You will be happy with these holsters.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Will it hold a s and w 44 magnum 629

(1) Question: Is the sheet of velcro for the door included? not a deal breaker, just need to know.

(2) Question: Are these safe to use for guns with a blued finish?

(3) Question: Will it fit full size pistol like sig p226 with flash/laser attached?

(4) Question: What material are these made of?

(5) Question: Will the holsters hold an m&p full size pro core with a red dot, also glock 17 with red dot?

(6) Question: Do these stick to the carpet in liberty gun safes?

(7) Question: Are these reversable?

(8) Question: Do you think this will hold a colt walker revolver?

(9) Question: What are the dimensions of the holsters? my door fits flush to the inside shelving leaving me a section about 5" wide and 36" deep to work with.

(note) Question: where/how to get Acorn Enterprises (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Acorn Enterprises's products


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I needed to make some room in the safe for the handguns and these pistol holsters did the job. I was skeptical about velcro holding up the handguns, but i have loaded 1911 and full-size semi-auto handguns in these and they haven't pulled free. I plan to order another set. . I would suggest not repositioning them frequently if you have cheap carpet in your safe. It's not a fault of these holsters, but the cheap carpet can shed and not hold as well later.

Gun Accessories, Maintenance & Storage 11096346331, Gun Holsters 15208231, Gun Holsters, Cases & Bags 1100695223, Hunting & Fishing 110318607, Shooting 11095346331, Sports & Fitness 11018117901, Sports & Outdoors 1525733Top Acorn Pistol Holsters - 5 Pack Gun Safe (Acorn Enterprises) FAQ Content

Best acorn pistol holsters - 5 pack gun safe (acorn enterprises) in review

Great product, my only issues was with a beretta px4 storm compact with a laser mounted on the rail, the gun sticks out more than the others. Also could not use the holster with a p320c with a combo flash light/laser mounted on it's rail. Otherwise, a sig 1911, bodyguard, m&p and a full size sig p320 fit great.

L. Nancy, Lambeth

You might like to see Gun magnet made in america guns & magazines in home car gun safe tactical & concealed revolutionary patented gun magnet -a new way to secure and store guns & magazines anywhere. -large surface area for better grip & easy removal. -strong, easy and effective for all -gun magnet made in america guns & magazines in home car gun safe tactical & concealed carry
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Affordable Magnet America Magazines Tactical Concealed (Sporting Goods) Magnet America Magazines Tactical Concealed (Az
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Best Buy A-zoom 357 Magnum Precision Snap Caps 6 Pack (Sporting Goods) 16119 A-zoom 357 Magnum Precision Snap Caps 6 Pack

A. Rochelle, Dorset says

These things work way better than i expected really helped clean up my safe!

N. Heidi, Darlington

I originally had a one-piece multi-holster unit mounted on my safe door and it had one glaring problem. The holsters were permanently mounted one above the other in such a way that a couple of the barrels on my longer pistols were hitting the rear sight of the gun below (not a good thing). With these, you can mount them any place you want and at a slight angle so that there is no interference between pistols. Don't worry about them falling off by the way. I inadvertently put one in the wrong place, and was amazed at how hard i had to pull to get it unstuck from the rug-like material on the safe door. As a suggestion, (something that i should have done), i would mark out an area on a table or other hard flat surface that the velcro will not stick to, and then, with the guns mounted in the holsters, arrange them as you see fit, before you reposition them in the same relative place on the back of the door.

J. Margaret, Languedoc-Roussillon says

Works as expected. I tested my 1911 sig . 45 but it seemed a bit too heavy, so i left it on the shelf.

B. Carrie, Oxfordshire

Does exactly what i needed it to do, free up room in my safe. The velcro seems to hold well but i've found that the velcro strip on the back needs to be straight up and down for it to hold best. I'm considering ordering more.

R. Dorine, Alabama says

These velcro holsters free up much needed room in my stack-on 14 gun convertible safe. I arranged my safe with shelves on one side for handguns and the other side for my long guns. I quickly discovered that i didn't have enough room for other things like expensive jewelry, important documents, etc. Because my handguns filled the shelves. By sticking these holsters on the safe door, i freed up all the shelves for the other things i wanted to lock up. Very useful for expanding room in the safe and putting the handguns right up front for quick access if needed. The velcro holds very tight to the carpeted interior of the door. I'd have given it 5 stars if the holsters were available in different sizes. There is no problem holding large handguns but i have some smaller ones for concealed carry and the "one size fits all" allows them to slip to the bottom and makes access less convenient. That is the only suggestion i have to make this product better, otherwise, i'm totally satisfied.

I. Whiteman, Wisconsin

I was afraid these would not hold my handguns up. I was wrong! these are solid and a quality product that holds my largest heaviest guns up. I have a heavy 9mm that i figured would fall off but since i installed them its been solid and no problems. Only problem is making sure you attach them so that when you close the safe door the guns don't run into a shelf. But since you can place them anywhere its easy to relocate and place them wherever you like which is lots better than the metal ones which would not have worked with my safe. . Overall- get them you will not regret it and for the money you get 5 which help to save some space in your safe.

F. Fabian, Sachsen-Anhalt says

I was glad to find these acorn holders. They are identical to the ones that were bundled with a liberty safe that i bought in 2005. . They will not hold very large guns such as a double-barrel howdah hunter pistol but work well for ones that will fit, and that covers a wide range of sizes. . The heavy-duty velcro holds well. Just don't be rearranging your collection all the time. Ideally you would place them once and leave them alone.

T. Melissa, Prince Edward Island

Their great.

R. Alberta, Tennessee says

These are great to make room in our safe for more handguns. So far they are holding the weight of the gun with no problem. They stay firmly in place when we open the safe door so there is no risk of the gun falling out. Great solution for multiple guns.

Z. Gilmore, Bexley

I've had these for over three years and still working great.

E. Carrie, Dudley says

Great for storage

Q. June, Maryland

Great addition

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